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How to add to the black list in classmates

Now, social networks have become soIt is not surprising to see quite young or even older people on the Internet pages. Someone wants to find old school friends and resume communication with them,

how to add to the black list in classmates
then he dreams of acquiring new acquaintances. But, unfortunately, not always on our personal pages are looking exactly those people with whom we would like to continue communication. Accordingly, there is a desire to protect your personal virtual space from prying eyes, but how to add to the blacklist in "Classmates" is difficult to understand at first.

A huge number of outsiders go toyou on the page, puts an estimate for the photos, and it's not always pleasant. Sometimes you want to add to the black list in Odnoklassniki quickly and without the slightest delay and forget about uninvited guests. This can be done by one of two methods.

The first way to add to the black list

When you see a person whose appearance on your page is not very desirable,

add to the black list in classmates
go to the page where you exchanged with himpersonal messages. Click on the virtual envelope with the signature "Messages". Now before you will appear a list of senders, from which you must choose the name of that unwanted guest. After clicking on the user name, the problem of how to add to the blacklist in "Classmates" will be permanently resolved. At the very top of the screen you can see the green bar, where it will be written "Block." Carry out the selected action by confirming the command. If you did this by accident, then the "block" command can always be canceled.

The second way to add to the black list

Now we will learn how to add a contact toblack list in the second way. You can do this with absolutely any user who intently visits your page without your own desire.

how to add a contact to the black list

Click on the link with the words "Guests". There you can see all the users who visited your page in Odnoklassniki. This is the easiest way to add to the blacklist in classmates that you can imagine. Because you just have to point the arrow at the guest and select the "block" item in the appeared mini-menu. Agree that everything is very simple and do not worry and suffer from the constant presence of strangers in your Internet home, so cozy and personal.

Do not torment yourself with remorse overblack list, you can always unlock any user if you want. And now you know how to add to the black list in "Classmates" and how to remove guests and disliked "friends" from there.

A personal page in a social network isYour virtual territory, which you have the right to dispose of at your discretion and desire. No one has the right to condemn you or force you to make information publicly available to everyone. Your virtual territory is your game rules!

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