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How to open a profile in classmates

how to open a profile in classmates

"Classmates" - one of the most famous social networks, known in many countries. It has millions of users and every minute registers about 2,000 new people.

Such popularity is not accidental. With the help of the site "Odnoklassniki" you can communicate for free with relatives and friends who live in another region or country.

In order to enjoy all the benefitsof this social network, you need, of course, to register. But how to open a profile in "Classmates"? The scheme of actions is very simple. To do this, on the official site you need to find the "registration" section. In the questionnaire that opens, enter your details. It is mandatory to create and enter a username and password when creating the page. These data provide you access to your page in "Classmates" and protect your personal data.

It is desirable that the login and password are not elementary. The harder they are, the harder it is to crack the profile. To create these codes, you can use English

how to open a page in classmates
alphabet, as well as numbers and some signs. Tip: write down your login and password to your notebook, it's a more reliable option to save data than just keep in mind. In addition, the password is desirable to periodically change, it will also help to protect your page.

After the registration steps you have done, you need to entercode shown in the picture. This action is necessary for the site so that the system determines that you are not a robot that is going to hack a site or infect with viruses, but a normal live person who wants to become a user of this network. Do not forget to click the "Register" button. Without this, you will not go to the next stage.

Step number two in your registration will bethe opportunity to specify the place of study, an e-mail box and to establish the main photo (avatar) on the page. How to open a profile in "Classmates", if you do not have mail? It's very simple, just do not write anything to the email box. This field is optional.

After these steps, you need to activate your account. You must specify your mobile number and receive a message with the code. The received figures should be entered in

entrance to the page in classmates
a dedicated authorization field for them.

So you created your profile. After the settings (add photos, find friends, etc.) you left the page. After a while, you wanted to log in again and forgot the password. Here comes the question of how to open the page in "Classmates". If the password is not written anywhere, and you can not remember it, you need to go to the link to the right of the word "enter". With it, you can restore access. To do this, you must specify your phone number and the system will send you SMS. The received code enter into the necessary graph, you come up with a new password, and you are again on the site! It's better to write down a new password after all, so that you do not have to write a search in the search engine about how to open a profile in Odnoklassniki.

Well, by reading this step-by-step instruction, you probably remember the order of actions. Now you know how to open a profile in "Classmates", because it's very simple.

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