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Blouse with your own hands - it's easy!

How often do we run in search of new clothes forshops and markets, trying to find a blouse that perfectly fits the figure and emphasizes all its advantages! Especially if this very figure does not quite fit the generally accepted standard. How many times do we fail and buy not exactly what we were looking for?

And it's not even that it's hard to find a suitablething, but in the fact that it's hard to pick up something unique and individual, not like everyone else. How to solve this problem? The answer is simple enough - to sew a thing to order or independently. And the second option is not so complicated, as it may seem at first glance. Blouse with your own hands - it's easy!

Advantages of individual tailoring

Perhaps the main advantage of tailoringis its exclusivity, and after that time is already saving time, the choice of fabric and style. I want to note that it is not necessary to choose the models of clothes that fashion dictates to us. With your own hands, you can create an absolutely unique thing that will advantageously emphasize all the dignity of your figure and your personality.

fashionable dress with your own hands

Choice of fabric

Beginners in sewing is better to give preferenceknitted materials and simple styles, since it is difficult to sew from a fabric without a certain practice. However, you can choose an elastic fabric, which makes it easier to fit the product for proper fit.

Blouse modeling

Any blouse with your own hands can be sewnfast enough and easy. It all starts with the right modeling, because if the pattern is not drawn up correctly, then the product will not work either. If you have never dealt with sewing and designing, then for modeling it is better to take the basic pattern for the blouse and modify it a little for its shape: change the shape of the cutout, shorten or break the sleeves, change the length and make the cut-off yoke. To make the task very simple, a sewing magazine with a suitable model is an ideal solution. In this case, you can immediately see how the finished blouse looks. With your hands it will not be difficult to transfer the finished pattern to fabric and sew it according to the attached instructions. Do not immediately take on a difficult thing, to begin with, it is better to choose a simple model. This will not only allow it to finish sewing, but will also give you confidence in your own capabilities and the desire to develop further in this direction.

fashion yourself

The basic process of tailoring blouses

The process of sewing a thing like a blouse with its ownhands begins with stitching darts and shoulder seams. Next comes the treatment of the sides, neck, collar and sleeves. After - the turn of different pockets, ruches and stripes. The final stage is the grinding of the side seams and the treatment of the armhole and the bottom. It should be noted that the processing of pockets and bends as nothing else gives skill to seamstresses, and if on the internal seams you can make some mistakes, then everything should be perfect.

Instead of concluding

Virtually all women of the last century hadsewing machine and were able to sew: someone is better, someone is worse, but sewed almost everything. Now a huge selection of a variety of clothes allowed women of fashion to step back from this occupation. But still how nice to make a blouse or a fashionable dress with your own hands and, leaving the house, understand that you will not meet your girlfriend or a friend in the same thing!

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