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Mushroom - crafting by own hands

Wonderful crafts "mushrooms" with their own hands will be interesting to do both children and adults. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several master classes on creating such wonderful products.

Paper mushrooms

Funny children's crafts "mushrooms" with their own hands can be made from paper and a wooden stick from ice cream.

You will need:

  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • wooden stick from an eskimo.

mushroom crafts


  1. Take a red sheet of paper and fold an accordion out of it. The size of each step should be about five millimeters.
  2. Cut off the top with the accordion so that you end up with a dome.
  3. Spread the leaf and glue a wooden stick to its back side.
  4. Turn the hand-made.
  5. Cut a few slices of white paper.
  6. Glue the shingle on the mushroom cap.
  7. Make a mushroom eye. This can be done in several ways. First - glue ready eyes (sold in special stores for creativity). The second is to cut the circles of white and black from the paper. Third - draw a marker.
  8. Cut a small crescent from red paper and glue it to a stick under the eyes. It's a mouth.

Funny fungus is ready!

Mushroom from a disposable plate

Such crafts "mushrooms" for the kindergarten fit perfectly. After all, their production requires a minimum of material, and the process itself will be very exciting for children.

The following is required:

  • one disposable paper plate;
  • one cardboard roller or sheet of cardboard;
  • paints and brushes;
  • pin;
  • cotton wool;
  • PVA glue.

handmade mushrooms

Operating procedure:

  1. Take the plate and make a small crease on it, giving it a more convex shape.
  2. Lubricate the crease with PVA glue and secure it with a clothespin until the plate dries.
  3. If you do not have a ready-made cardboard roll, then it's easy to make. To do this, take a sheet of cardboard and cut off a third of the width. Fold the paper into a roll and glue it.
  4. Let the glue dry on a plate and roll.
  5. Take the red paint and color it with a plate.
  6. While it is not dried, tear the cotton wool into small pieces and chaotically stick it on the plate. In the end, you will have a fly agaric cap.
  7. Paint the cardboard roll with white, beige or brown paint.
  8. The top of the roll well glue with glue and glue a plate to it.
  9. Let the mushroom (artwork) dry up.

All is ready!

Mushroom pin

These handmade "mushrooms" for the garden are not only interesting to do, but they will also be very useful. For example, you can make a garland and post photos or children's drawings.

You will need:

  • wooden clothespins;
  • Glue (it is better to take a glue gun);
  • dense colored fabric (for example, fleece);
  • white buttons or beads;
  • thick rope.

handmade fungus for kindergarten

Master class on making garlands of clothespins:

  1. Take the cloth and cut out the shape, which resembles the mushroom cap. It is better to use a red fleece.
  2. Decorate the caps with white dots. This can be done in several ways. The first is to sew white buttons. The second is to cut out the circles from the white fabric and glue them. The third is to sew white beads.
  3. Take PVA glue or glue gun and glue the ready hats on that part of the clothespin, for which we undertake to open it.
  4. Thread the thread through the holes in the clothes pegs.
  5. At the ends of the thread, tie the bows.

A garland of bright mushrooms is ready! It remains only to hang it somewhere and fasten to them photographs, postcards, drawings and notes.

Mushrooms from bags

To create such a fungus requires much more effort than in previous master classes. But this article looks very beautiful, and the process of creating it will appeal not only to the child, but also to the adult.

You will need to take:

  • sacking (you can buy pieces of cloth from the store or take a clean sack);
  • paints and brushes;
  • buttons;
  • thread and needle;
  • PVA glue;
  • filler (cotton wool, sintepon, pieces of fabric, etc.);
  • scissors.

children's handmade mushrooms

Master Class:

  1. Cut three circles from the burlap.
  2. Paint one of them in some color (for example, red).
  3. Take another piece of burlap and cut out the rectangle.
  4. Sew a tube from the rectangle. To do this, fold it in half in length.
  5. Turn it inside out.
  6. Fill the tube with any filler.
  7. Take one of the two unpainted circles.
  8. Put the tube in the center of the circle and sew the two parts together. To do this, make crosswise stitches from the outside.
  9. Half of the fabric that is not sewn, cover with glue and press firmly against the tube.
  10. Add more filler to the foot of the fungus.
  11. Take the colored circle and sew buttons to it.
  12. Take two circles - one colored the other is not - and sew them together with one another with cross stitches. Before stitching, put a little filler inside.
  13. Sew a hat to the leg.
  14. Make a few decorative stitches on the bonnet.
  15. Take the needle and make the fringe of the fabric that remained free on the bottom.

A beautiful soft fungus is ready!

Mushroom from plasticine

A wonderful piece of art "mushroom" with your own hands for kindergarten is made of such material as plasticine.

To do this, take the specified material andsoften it, holding it in your hands for several minutes. Roll it into the tube. Cut off the plasticine plastic knife thin ring - somewhere one centimeter. Roll the circle into a pancake. Cut off a little more plasticine from the tube. Roll up the leg and stick it to the bonnet. Take a toothpick or match and make on the inside of the groove.

 crafts mushrooms for the garden

To give the mushroom texture, slightly curl the head. Still it is possible to take a pastel or a chalk of dark brown color, to grind into a powder and to strew top of a hat.

Mushrooms from salted dough

Similarly, a mushroom is made from a salted dough. Such a product has its advantages:

  • it can be painted;
  • it is stronger than a piece of plasticine.

Salted dough recipe:

  1. In a large bowl, mix the flour and salt in a 4: 1 ratio (for example, 4 cups of flour and 1 glass of salt).
  2. Gradually pour in water. If the proportion is 4: 1, then water should be one and a half to two glasses.
  3. Stir everything and mix the dough.
  4. Blind the fungus in a similar way, as was done from plasticine.
  5. Place the finished product in the oven, heated to 180 degrees. Mushroom (hand-made) is baked for about 30-45 minutes.
  6. If you want to paint the mushroom, then wait for the product to cool.

mushrooms for kindergarten

Original mushrooms

The simplest and at the same time original handmade "mushroom" with their own hands for kindergarten is made from a cardboard egg tray.

You will need to take the following materials:

  • the most common cardboard egg tray;
  • scissors;
  • paints and brushes.

handmade fungus for the garden

Master class on mushroom making:

  1. Take the egg tray and carefully cut out one cell and one septum from it.
  2. Flip the cell and paint it. It will be a hat. Therefore, the color of the fungus depends on its color (for example, if you want to get a bright fly agaric, then paint the hat in red, and from above place white specks).
  3. Take the septum-cone and place the cap on top of it.

The original mushroom (handicraft) is ready!

Mushroom origami

Such colorful mushrooms can be used not only as an odd job, but they can decorate postcards, make garlands and many other interesting things.

To create them, you only need to take two sheets of A4 paper - one white, the other red, and scissors.

mushroom crafts

Master-class on creating an origami mushroom:

  1. Make sheets of paper square. To do this, wrap one corner of the leaf and make a triangle, and cut off the excess part.
  2. Fold the two sheets together.
  3. Fold the paper diagonally twice, and then align them. As a result, you will get two intersecting lines that form a cross (Figure 1).
  4. Put paper in front of you, do not disconnect it. The white sheet should lie on top.
  5. Fold the upper, right and left corners of the two sheets (Figures 2-4).
  6. Fold the sheets in half (Figure 5).
  7. Screw the left and right upper corner backwards (Figures 6 and 7).
  8. Turn the figure upside down (figure 9).
  9. Wrap the left and right corners and re-expand them (Figures 10-12).
  10. Slightly lift the upper triangle and tuck the corners inside (Figures 13-15).
  11. Fold the bottom corner under the wrapped parts of the craft (illustration 16).
  12. Fold the upper corner (illustration 17).
  13. Turn the hand-made and shape the hat. Everything is ready (Figure 18).

mushroom crafts

To make the fly agaric look more like a real one, cut out circles from white paper and paste them on the bonnet.

Glass art "mushroom" with his hands for the garden

This figure is very bright and original. For its manufacture you need to take:

  • any glass jar with a lid;
  • multicolored felt fabric;
  • adhesive PVA or glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • paint and brush;
  • cotton or sintepon.

mushroom crafts

Master class on manufacturing:

  1. Paint with a white or beige paint jar. Wait until it dries.
  2. Take the green cloth and wrap it around the can. Note how much felt you need, and cut the rest.
  3. On one side of the green felt cut out the grass.
  4. Glue the "grass" around the can.
  5. Take the lid and put on top of it a red cloth, under which push a cotton wool or sintepon. The edges of the felt should be wrapped under the lid.
  6. Glue or screw the cover on top of the jar.
  7. Cut out white circles from the white felt and glue them on the bonnet.
  8. From different felt (for example, pink, yellow, blue) cut figurines, similar to flowers.
  9. Cut out a few circles that will serve as the core of the flowers.
  10. From green felt cut out thin stripes - grass blades.
  11. From the fabric of different colors cut a few circles. It will be a caterpillar.
  12. Glue flowers and caterpillar on the jar, as in the picture above.

So your fabulous work is ready!

Mushrooms from natural material

Another very simple piece of art is mushrooms from natural resources. The only drawback of such a product - the material can be found only in the early autumn.

So, you need to take acorns and chestnuts, and even a glue gun or plasticine.

mushrooms from natural material

The fake "mushrooms" made of natural material are made as follows:

  1. Hats are removed from the acorns.
  2. In the place of the cap, using a glue gun or plasticine, glue the chestnut with the middle.
  3. To mushrooms were stable, on the other handTo the acorn, you can glue his hat, a convex side to the bottom. Either spread a sawdust or a plate on sawdust, straw or something else, and put mushrooms there.

An environmentally friendly piece of art is ready!

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