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Japanese knitting

If you like to knit or crochet, then youcertainly I like Japanese knitting. The technique of this kind of needlework will not be very different from the ordinary, but the things connected in this way look very original and

Japanese knitting
interesting. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the culture of Japan is very bright, expressive and original, and it is reflected not only in art, but also in ordinary knitting with both knitting needles and crochet.

Magazines containing Japanese knitting patternscrochet, produced, respectively, in Japan, are popular in Russia. In these magazines you can find for yourself a lot of new and interesting. And knowledge of the language for this is completely optional.

Hats, toys, clothes, various accessories forat home - all this can be linked in the technique of "Japanese knitting." It is not difficult to read the diagram, since the description is first followed and then the graphic image. Japanese crochet, albeit uncomplicated, but beforehand be sure to read the used notation. It is very desirable to do this, as some conventional signs are different from those to which needlewomen have become accustomed in our country. If you

Japanese crochet
you know English, then it will be even easier for you, very many schemes are accompanied by a translation.

As a rule, Japanese knitting is circular, butlinear can also be found. Legend: an oval pointed at the top is an air loop, a small letter "x" denotes a column without a crochet, the ordinary column with a crochet is indicated by the Japanese with the letter "T", which has a slash, and the letter "T" marks a half-column without an oblique stripe on the outside. As a matter of fact, other symbols are similar to ours and practically will not differ in any way. If you have any difficulties in decoding the symbols, then additional information is easy to find.

We remember that most often Japanese knitting hascircular structure, then it begins with the center. And then you can see the first difference: in Western schemes there is no adjustable ring, and in Japanese it always always gets out. To simplify the work by the end of such a circle, attach a safety pin and move it with

Japanese crochet patterns
each new series. You need to do this so that you yourself are not confused, and it was easier for you.

If you're just starting to knit in Japaneseschemes, it is best if you choose a job easier. Having filled the hand first, you can easily go to the schemes more complicated, therefore, and related things will be more interesting. Of course, if you want to make as few mistakes as possible during knitting, then do not be lazy and look in the description of your scheme more often.

Be sure that having the basic knowledge ofcrocheting, Japanese knitting techniques you will master without any problems, and the related products and accessories will be very elegant and elegant. Having studied exactly this technique, you will move to a new level and will be able to please not only yourself, but also your relatives, friends and acquaintances. Knits, executed with their own hands, always surprise, delight and inspire!

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