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Cleopatra Costume for Child and Adult

A holiday with elements of a masquerade isa wonderful event for both children and, of course, for adults. After all, everyone likes to change into unusual clothes, to reincarnate and to play interesting images, especially if it's something original, old and unusual. If an adult goes to the masquerade, he needs to make an outfit more complicated - you need more materials and decorations are better. But with the child everything is simpler and much more interesting. So, after thinking with your daughter about the attire for the upcoming holiday, you chose the suit of Cleopatra. With what now to begin and how to make it such that the child was the most beautiful on a holiday? By the way, you can do the dress for an adult exactly the same way, only the sizes will be bigger.

cloak suit

General requirements

The future image should not only be beautiful, butand convenient. There should not be easily unfastened pins, sharp edges, easily falling off and peeling off parts. It is necessary that the child is comfortable, easy and free. It is based on these requirements and you need to create a masquerade outfit for the baby. In the case of an adult, the suit should be simply comfortable and easy to wear.

Beginning of work

Costume Cleopatra own do not do sodifficult, as it seems. But this will be a unique apparel, and the second such at the celebration will not be exactly. For work, we need a long straight white dress or a white T-shirt with short sleeves (or without sleeves at all) and a long skirt, gold foil for the headdress, belts and ornaments on the shoulders, sandals, small and large crystals, golden bracelets with or without stones , green (or any other) sequins, golden beads (or finished beads), a cut of green (color also depends on the overall gamma of the suit) chiffon, button or Velcro fastener.

The dress

The costume of Cleopatra is, of course, a traditionala narrow white dress made of cotton or linen. If you do not have one, just sew a T-shirt and a skirt together. The sleeves must be cut off from the T-shirt. Everything, with the main part, we have finished, we proceed to decorations.

kleopatra suit by one's own hands

Belt of the Queen

Of course, the outfit of a royal person needsornaments. We take a cut of fabric of golden color (or lace it with foil, if there is no golden fabric), make a wide belt, on which we sew with green sequins and rhinestones a semblance of Egyptian pattern or simply whimsical curls. Here, in principle, it all depends on the imagination of the needlewoman. Exactly the same pattern will need to be applied to the rest of the costume. From the belt in the middle of the dress to the bottom is a rather wide strip, also covered with a pattern. You can sew it to the hem or leave a triangular cut at a level just above the knees.


The costume of Cleopatra requires the presence of bracelets of gold fabric over elbows and wrists. In principle, the latter can be replaced with real bracelets. On the fabric we make the same pattern as on the belt.

Tiara and circle on shoulders

Decoration made of gold fabric or thick foil onThe shoulders are already trimmed with the usual pattern and stones. Like bracelets with a belt, it is fastened with Velcro or buttons - to whom as it is more convenient. Tiara consists of a ribbon on the head, to which a triangle of the same fabric or foil, decorated with rhinestones, is attached. On the sides of the thread of gold beads clinging to the shoulders (enough for three or four threads from each side).

kleopatra costume photo


If desired, the costume of Cleopatra can be supplementeda magnificent veil on the belt, just sewing a cut or tying a magnificent bow with long tails. In an adult dress it is better to leave only a flowing lush veil, attached to the waist and wrists.


The costume of Cleopatra (photo shows it veryclearly) needs and in a certain make-up. Of course, this is the ancient Egyptian long arrows, which will harmoniously fit into the look and give a twist along.

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