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How to make a paper beak: detailed instructions

Many parents, not knowing how to make a beak out ofpaper, just fold sheet with a cone and attach a rubber band to it. This option has the right to exist, but it is more suitable for kids who do not yet appreciate the realism of the costume. Advantages of this method: ease of manufacture, use of materials that are always in the house (the elastic can be replaced with thread or ribbon) and small time costs. Disadvantages: short-lived and unrealistic.

Beak from papier-mache

Beautiful and original make a beak out of paper with your own hands can be in the papier-mache technique. This is a long way, but the result is worth the effort.

how to make a beak out of paper
It differs naturalism and strength. For work it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  1. Plasticine.
  2. Paper (you can use old newspapers).
  3. Flour and salt for paste.
  4. PVA glue.
  5. Putty.
  6. Fine grained sandpaper.
  7. Priming. Instead, it can be covered with white paint in several layers, until the tone becomes homogeneous.
  8. Paints (you can use gouache, but better acrylic).

How to make a paper beak

The manufacturing process consists of several stages and takes a lot of time, so it is better to start it at least two days before the final product is needed.

First step

It is necessary to mold a base from plasticine. On how it will be done, the type of the finished product depends. It is not necessary to add small details, because under several layers of paper they will not be noticeable, but it should not be much simplified. On the base, it is desirable to apply the cream to make it easier to separate the paper product from it.

how to make a beak crows made of paper

We continue our work

Making papier-mache is not as easy asmake the beak of a raven made of paper, rolled up into a cone, but quite capable even of a schoolboy. Prepared sheets must be broken into small pieces and pasted them with a base. From flour, salt and water make a paste and grease them with each layer. In total there should be about 10 to make the product dense and durable. After applying the last layer, leave work for a day to dry.

The final stage

After drying, gently cutpaper beak and remove it from the base. Glued the cut. For greater strength, it is recommended to coat the workpiece with PVA glue, apply putty and sand. Cover with soil.

beak of paper by one's own hands
Since it is not only necessary to make a beak out of paperrealistic, but also beautiful, you can experiment with color: paint in black with a metallic tint. After drying, it is necessary to make cuts in the finished beak and insert an elastic band, with which it will stick to the head.

other methods

In a situation where you need to make a beak quickly fromhand materials, the first method can be useful - folding a cone out of paper. But you can cut a triangle, fold it in half and attach an elastic band or a string. It turns out angular like a beak, as in children's masks. You can both make a beak out of paper, and buy a ready mask in the store, but the thing in which time and effort are invested, is much more valued than the purchased analog. In addition, the result of manual work is always individual, in contrast to the product of mass production.

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