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Mermaid Costume: bright and original at any party

Fairy-tale and kind image of the Little Mermaid really likegirls of all ages. That is why the mermaid costume is often worn on all kinds of matinees or carnival parties. You can make this interesting and beautiful costume at home, with your own hands, and very quickly and fun - it does not matter whether you make a costume for your little girl or for yourself.

mermaid costume
The most important thing to remember beforedecide to wear a mermaid suit: it is very difficult to walk and sit down, and it's impossible to run and dance at all. Therefore, if you are preparing a costume for a themed party, for example, at the Discotheque of the 90s, do not choose the image of a mermaid, because you will curse the moment when you put on this outfit three times. The same applies to the childish image of a mermaid: if your child is very agile, do not torture him with this rather uncomfortable costume.

children's mermaid costume

However, the day of Neptune, the competition for the best marinecostume or Halloween can not do without such a dress. You can try to make a mermaid costume from what is at home. For example, a long blue skirt can become a tail, if you assemble it and stab it so that it snug against your legs. Just above the calf leave it uncollected, the bottom will resemble the fins of the tail. For the base of the bodice, you can use the top of the swimsuit, a bra (if the suit is for an adult) or top. The bodice should match the color of the skirt. Decorate it with shells and paillettes.

The second version of the costume is also available to everyone, onlyit will be necessary to spend a little on it. In order to show off as a mermaid at a party, you need to prepare a bodice, a cut of fabric (satin, chiffon) for a skirt, a cut of fabric (organza) for tail design, shells, sequins, sequins for costume decoration.

carnival mermaid costume

If you make a mermaid costume, a bodiceIt is necessary to sew from the inside to a tight T-shirt or top of the desired color. You can make a skirt in two ways: either sew a pencil skirt that is very narrow and tight around the legs, or wrap a cloth around the legs (according to the Indian sari principle), and then pin it with a pin. The second option is simpler, the first one is more reliable. Choose you. However, it should be remembered that in the suit you will need to sit down, so around the hips you need to make a lot of low-lying layers from each other so that they do not accidentally break up and do not beat each other out from under a friend. To the bottom of the skirt, sew an organza that will mimic the fins. Dress the mermaid with cockleshells, sequins, sparkles and other trinkets that you think fit.

An adult mermaid costume can bedo according to the principle of the child. If you want a more candid outfit, put on the bodice from the leotard, make a skirt on the hips, leaving the stomach open. Richly decorate a suit, do not forget about earrings, beads from shells, flowers in hair, a golden comb.

Hair should be dissolved, it is possible to weavethin ribbons that will be combined with the costume. If you want to achieve the authentic image of the mermaid Ariel, you can wear a bright red wig. In any case, the details you create yourself. It all depends on your imagination and creativity!

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