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Stargazer is a costume that you can make by yourself in 30 minutes

Morning in kindergarten and school allowto show children and parents all imagination and creativity. What could be more interesting than inventing new images and making costumes? Still think, who will your child be this time? An interesting character is a star. You can make a suit for yourself with your own hands.

Cape Cloak

Stargazer Costume
In fact, the costume of an astrologer consists of a mantle anda bell decorated with a scattering of stars. The traditional version of the coloring: a dark background (blue or black) and decorative elements of silver and golden color. However, it will not be worse if you experiment with color, for example, take a light basic fabric and contrast decorative elements. Who said that the cloak can not be green or red? This is allowed by each astrologer himself. The costume can be decorated with stars of different sizes and colors.

The mantle is sewn from a large rectangle of fabric. On the long side of the cut should be sewn a cake for a lace or ribbon. The stars can be cut out of shiny fabric, wrapping paper or use ready-made sequins, textile stickers for applique. The costume of an astrologer with his own hands is sewed without a pattern, because it is not difficult to determine the size of a rectangle for a mantle. If the tissue is small, it is not necessary to sew a long cloak - you can confine yourself to the cape just below the waist. The edges of the mantle can not be processed, but neatly sewed or trimmed with fringe or tinsel.

We make the hood

Suit of the astrologer with own hands
The headgear can be made from the same material,as a cloak, or from a glossy cardboard, similar in color. Make a template-workpiece: for this, on the cardboard draw a smooth arc from the corner in such a way that a part equal to 1/4 of the circle turns out. On the bottom edge measure the segment equal to the girth of the head, and add a couple of centimeters for fixing. Glue the cap. You can fix it with a stationery stapler. If desired, zadekoriruyte blank with a cloth. Do not forget to glue or sew the same stars as on the robes - that's almost ready your astrologer. The costume can be decorated with tinsel. It will be very interesting if it also has small asterisks.

How to complement the costume? Accessories and ideas

New Year costume stargazer
The image of an astrologer is perfect for a boy,and for the girl. You can make the outfit of this character for an adult. The costume consists of a mantle and a cap. You can wear it on plain clothes of the same color, suitable for color. You can also put on a raincoat on festive clothes - a beautiful dress or a suit of shirt and trousers.

What accessories does the astrologer use? The suit of this character can be supplemented with a telescope (let it be a kaleidoscope or a telescope, which can be glued with shiny paper and decorated with stars). And if you add a magic wand to both the mantle and the cap, you will get a full dress of the wizard.

Do not be afraid to experiment and supplementfestive clothes with interesting elements, and then you will get the most original New Year's costume. The stargazer can wear a wig, glasses without diopters or even a beard. Go through the home dressing room, and you probably will find something interesting to complement this image.

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