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We choose the outfit for the autumn holiday: the suit of Lesovichka

Every parent knows that dressing up a child forMatinee is not so simple. Masquerade suits of factory tailoring are expensive, but more importantly, after making such a purchase, you can not be sure of your originality immediately before the holiday. There is a way out - try making your own hands completely author's suit Lesovichka. This image is ideal for autumn holidays and performances based on Russian folk tales.

Who is the Old-timbler

Fur Forest Costume
Our ancestors believed that all around peoplespirits and every inanimate object is alive. Forest lands in their representation was in charge of Leshy, Lesovik or the Old-timbler. Most often this character was portrayed in the form of an elderly or mature man. A forest can not be seen in the forest until he himself so wishes. His outfit merges in color with the bark of the tree and green leaves. Modern people do not believe in the spirit of the forest, but this hero has come down to our days as a character of Russian folklore and children's fairy tales. So why not choose a Lesovichka costume for a children's holiday?

Master the outfit for the forest spirit

Lesovichka's clothes should be worn inbrownish-yellow-green hues. The easiest option is to pick up things from the wardrobe of the child. Suitable brown jeans and a green shirt or beige turtleneck. You can experiment a little with the shades of the main scale. If you sew well, you can sew a loose shirt in folk style, choosing a fabric of yellow or green hue. Pants can also be sewn by choosing a color that blends in with the top of the outfit. It is good to supplement the suit of Lesovichka with a hat and belt. Headgear should be combined with clothing. A straw hat, a "bowler" made of felt, will perfectly emphasize the image of the forest spirit. Often, for the outfit Lesovichka make a headdress in the form of a mushroom cap. Such a hat can be sewn from a fabric or glued from paper.

Details and decorative elements

Furrow Costume by own hands
How to decorate the suit of Lesovichka? Cut out the paper or fabric leaves and sew them in random order on the trousers and shirt. In the hands of the forest spirit you can give a stick-cane (necessarily a rough enough thick branch) and a wicker basket. As accessories, the crafts made of natural materials will look great. Collect necklace from real cones, chestnuts or acorns. On clothes it is possible to sew and paste decorative figurines of mushrooms and berries. Traditionally the Lesbian is a male character. If you make such a masquerade costume for your son, supplement it at will with a gray beard, you can also use a wig. As you can see, it's not difficult to make a Lesovichka's suit with your own hands. The originality of the dress is guaranteed, as well as the mass of positive emotions from the process of its creation!

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