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How quickly to make a crane suit with your own hands for a morning party for a child?

Sooner or later, in the life of each parentthere comes a time when you need to make a costume for the matinee. Of course, there are a lot of different festive clothes on sale now, but, as often happens, it is impossible to find the right thing on time.

Therefore, many mothers often havecreate a suitable festive suit with your own hands. Well, if the parents know how to sew and knit, then creating a costume will not take long. But what about those who have never done this? First of all, you need to take yourself in hand and do not panic, because even the most complex at first glance, the outfit for a morning performance is easier to come up with in a calm state. Secondly, it is not necessary to sew a suit from scratch, because it can be collected from the existing house of things. Thirdly, it is necessary to involve children in such creative work, because sometimes they can suggest more significant things than adults.

crane suit

Among the variety of options for children's outfits formatinees often parents are looking for instructions on how to make a crane suit for a boy with their own hands, since they can not come up with the necessary image on their own. But it is not always possible even with the instruction to create the necessary thing, due to the lack of necessary materials or the complexity of the implementation.

How to start making a costume for a matinee

First you need to decide on the materialfor such a costume. In fact, it can be made from various materials at hand, such as paper, pieces of fabric, cellophane, feathers, etc. Further, in order to make a crane suit with your own hands, it is necessary to distinguish the main distinguishing features of a bird (wings, beak, tail) and to engage in the phased manufacturing of parts.

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Combination of things

Often, wondering how to do itthe crane suit with your own hands, most parents forget that the image of the crane can be combined with the existing children's clothing. Meanwhile, such things as shorts, white turtlenecks, waistcoats, are available in every home, and this is already half of the costume of a crane. Put on your child a white turtleneck and a vest over it. For the bottom fit black shorts, white pantyhose or leggings and moccasins. If desired, the waistcoat and shorts can be trimmed with feathers, which will add credibility to the image. To produce in this case, in the presence of the above mentioned things, you will only need a cap with a beak and wings.

Making wings

Starting to create a crane suit with your own hands,It is desirable to place photos of a bird on the desktop, so it will be easier to make a more believable image. Visually viewing the photo of the appearance of the crane wings and its coloring, it will be easier to choose the material for their manufacture. Wings made of cuts of fabric or tulle are best. It is not difficult to make them, for this, on the cut of the fabric, you need to draw a large circle and, after cutting it, cut it in half. Semicircle sweep to the sleeves of the turtleneck and trim with feathers. You can cut a semicircle into stitches, imitating feathers, but it will take a long time. If the costume is necessary for a New Year's party, then it will be necessary to additionally cover it with rain and pawns.

Crane suit for a boy with his own hands

Making a cap and tail

Making a crane suit with your own hands, manycan not make a beautiful cap with a beak. For those who are very hard to cope with such work, there is an option a bit easier. It is necessary to take the existing cap and trim it with feathers, and the beak separately twist off the red paper. You can also cut out a simple paper mask by drawing a beak and bird's eyes on it. For the tail, long feathers sewn to shorts are suitable.

how to make a crane suit with your own hands

Create a crane suit with your own hands onit's not so difficult, you can always come up with a unique image that will be remembered by many for its originality. It is not necessary for a good costume to buy expensive materials or order its tailoring in the atelier. The main thing is to do this work with love and care for your child.

The most interesting is that when polling manychildren of different ages about the acquisition or self-made costume for the matinee, most preferred self-made. After all, the main thing for a child is not the amount of money spent to purchase a dress, but the participation in his creation of people close to him-mother, father or grandmother. Therefore, no matter what crane costume you yourself have made, it will still be appreciated by your children as the best and most unique.

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