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The cosmonaut's suit with his own hands made of papier-mache and bottles

If the child has demanded from his parents cosmonaut costume for the New Year or another event, do not immediately run to the store. A beautiful outfit can be quickly and easily done at home.

cosmonaut's suit

What is included in the cosmonaut's outfit?

In order for a child to look like a real astronaut, it is necessary to understand what the cosmonaut's costume is different from, for example, the equipment of a diver.

In professional cosmonauts clothes are always present:

  1. Helmet with a transparent shield.
  2. Brilliant boots.
  3. The overalls are white or orange.
  4. Jet pack.

The list looks impressive, but in reality it's easy to make an astronaut's suit with your own hands!

What is made of a spacesuit or a choice of materials

Cosmonauts' clothing is made of strong and refractory composite materials. Children's cosmonaut costume can be made from what is on the farm.

The materials that will help make the outfit are the following:

  • cardboard;
  • large plastic bottles;
  • felt or color cardboard;
  • old newspapers and an inflatable ball;
  • glue, electrical tape;
  • rubber boots of the child;
  • strip fabric for the manufacture of straps - fasteners;
  • food foil.

Parents should not be confused by the cheap cost of the necessary materials. If you do the work carefully and with a soul, the result will please not only the child, but others.

Cosmonaut costume design

First of all, parents should ask the child how he imagines his costume. You can try to draw an outfit and show the baby that the ready suit justified the child's expectations.

The easiest way to make a helmet is from papier-mache, alsosuitable small cardboard boxes or plastic bottles for distilled water for 5 liters. Making a helmet from bottles is better to entrust to the pope, but with papier-mâché and boxes, the mother will do better, patience and accuracy will be required here.

From helmet to knapsack with oxygen and fuel suppliesshould go down the tube. They can be made from thin garden hoses. The knapsack can be fixed simply with straps. As a base, a cardboard substrate can be used and belts attached to it.

A gorgeous space suit will come from a sportscostume gray, white or orange. If parents do not feel sorry for clothes, pants and a jacket can make stripes of colored felt. As an image for the patches logos of space services, stars, planets or simply strips of a different color on the elbows and knee folds are suitable.

 cosmonaut costume for children

Sequence of work

So, the design is ready, all materials are collected, it's time to start making an cosmonaut suit yourself.

For the manufacture of a papier-mache cosmic helmetIt is necessary to inflate a balloon, it is good to tie a neck and paste it with old newspapers. To ensure that the product was strong and held in shape, you need 10-15 layers of paper and PVA glue. The future helmet should stand for 12 hours and dry. Then, carefully cut out the inspection hole with scissors.


Next you need paint and brushes, glue and a plastic bottle. The headgear should be painted and attached to a transparent plastic cover.

The cosmonaut's shoes are very simple to make. It is necessary to take rubber boots and carefully wrap them with food foil. You can fix the result with a silver or black electrical tape.

cosmonaut suit

The most important stage of the work is manufacturingjet pack. To do this, you need to take two large plastic bottles, they can be painted or covered with electrical tape. It is necessary to fasten the bottles together and glue them to a cardboard substrate. In it, it is worthwhile to make holes in the corners and insert straps in them so that you can put it on as a knapsack.

cosmonaut suit

The space jet pack is ready! It can be decorated with exhausts of "flame" and metal rivets made of felt or colored cardboard.

cosmonaut suit

Parents should be involved in creating a child's costume. The joint work will bring many joyful and unforgettable impressions, and the kid will be proud that he helped in the work on the space suit.

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