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A few tips on how to make compositions of flowers and vegetables

Autumn is a very beautiful time of year, inspiringpoets and artists to new creations. Maybe we, ordinary people, should try to create something non-trivial? Suddenly, there is an idea to make original compositions of flowers and vegetables. Shall we try?

Embodiment into life

Using a crop grown with your own hands,you can make beautiful and unusual compositions of flowers and vegetables. Even from a pumpkin you can make a chic vase for an autumn bouquet. Flowers from the flower bed are an excellent ornament will be figurines from vegetables, spruce branches, cherry branches, etc. And even if you have never created such masterpieces, try still worth it.

compositions from flowers and vegetables

The first steps

To make such crafts from flowers and vegetables like "Pumpkin Vase" it will be required: plants and favorite flowers, pumpkin, knife, plastic bottle, sandpaper, paint. So, let's get started.

Preparing the pumpkin
crafts from flowers and vegetables

Choose a pumpkin of the required size, remove fromits contents, then dry it. But just watch that it does not deteriorate. Dry it by using paper towels that need to be put inside, then covered with hairspray or a solution of water and glycerin. Using Vaseline, oil the pumpkin outside.

Pumpkin vase: stages of work

From the plastic bottle cut the container of the right size and place it in the pumpkin.

Cover the pumpkin with white (yellow, black, your choice) paint and rub it with sandpaper.

Outside, the pumpkin can be decorated with materials that are at hand, which are full of houses. For example: make patterns from beads, zadekorirovat autumn leaves.

It remains only to pick flowers and place in your vase. Your first masterpiece will look very nice and will pleasantly surprise guests and relatives!
Vase will fall in love with everyone, not leaving indifferent! And most importantly - the expiration date is not limited.

how to make flowers from vegetables

Daisies daisies

There are compositions from flowers and vegetables, which are preserved for a short time, but simply fascinate by their originality and beauty. For example, daisies from daisies. Let's try to do it.

We take the baking mold and apply it on the slices of the daikon petals.

From the carrot we cut out the heart of the future flower, and from the toothpick we make a stalk.

Flowers are painted with a blue dye.

For stems, use celery. We clean it from the leaves and cut the branches.

How to make flowers from vegetables?

Anthurium. Take the red pepper, make a heart. We make in it an opening in the center and insert a pistil from a carrot. Done!

Buds. We take the radish and with the help of a knife we ​​make shallow incisions (up to 1 cm deep), so we get whole rows of petals. Do not forget to lift them up. Here are wonderful delicate buds.

Orange flowers. In the carrot we make 3 incisions directed towards the center along the oblique, forming the petals.

In the same way we produce large parts. We string everything on a toothpick. And now an orange flower is ready!

how to make flowers from vegetables

In conclusion

So, using the harvest, you can learn to dowonderful compositions of flowers and vegetables. Do it! The fantasy of man is boundless! And with each new craft, new original compositions of flowers and vegetables will appear.

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