/ Vase from the bottle with your own hands: simple and beautiful

Vase from the bottle with your own hands: simple and beautiful

Nowadays, hand-made is one of the most fashionablehobbies of modern women and even some men. Do you want to decorate your house without spending huge sums for the services of designers and expensive accessories? We invite you to gather your strength and remember all your creative ideas. Vase from the bottle with your own hands is a great start for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of hand-made.

Where to begin?

First of all, deal with what you want, andthat at you for this purpose is. Think about where your new vase will stand, than it will differ from those that are easy to buy in ordinary stores, and which stand on the shelves of you and your friends. Disassemble your things and think about what this will do to create a vase with your own hands from bottles or other basic materials, and what is not. You can use almost anything: glass, ceramic or plastic bottles, beautiful ribbons and laces, coins and beads, original paper and newspaper sheets ... The list goes on for a very long time.

Vase from the bottle with your own hands: do not throw away plastic bottles!

a vase from a bottle with your own hands

If you do not want to start solving immediatelycomplex tasks, select the easiest option. He is a vase from a bottle, made with his own hands using simple tools. In order to do it, you will need several bottles of different colors, sizes and shapes. Choose the one that will be the whole (let it be the bottle that you like most). From the rest cut off the neck so that they can be put in each other and put on the whole. After doing this operation, cut the neck into thin strips, which can be slightly twisted. Glue all the details together and give vent to your creativity: now you can decorate your vase the way you wish.

Vase from the bottle with your own hands: the glass is also useful!

vases from the hands of bottles

You can also make a beautiful vase and glassbottles. Best suited for this are beautiful dark bottles of wine or other alcohol. You can decorate such a bottle in several ways. One of them is winding with a string or a dense texture rope, followed by decoration with wooden beads and pebbles. This vase will fit into the interior in the style of country. Another option is to take ordinary colored cardboard, fold it with a cone and fasten it near the neck. After you have done this simple procedure, you can decorate the vase in the way you like, for example, drawing pretty patterns on it or tying bows of satin ribbons.

Vase with your own hands made of paper and bottle

a vase with your own hands made of paper

Another great option - a vase of paper,which can cover almost any, even the most simple bottle or jar. To make such a vase you will need a glass bottle, a cardboard (an old box of technology is suitable), scissors, glue and ruler. Simply cut out a lot of identical rectangles or squares (you can paint them with acrylic or gouache) and cover them with jar or bottle, evenly rising up. You can apply the pieces to the bottle as the narrowest side (then the vase will be bigger), and the widest (so the size of the container will remain the same).

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