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Flower composition, created by oneself: the basic rules of compilation and useful advice

You do not know how to decorate a room for a holidayor how to complement the interior? An interesting idea is a flower arrangement. It is not difficult to make it with your own hands. The result will please you long enough. But keep in mind that it has the art of floristry and some of its subtleties. What you need to know in order to learn how to create beautiful bouquets and compositions from flowers?

Choose the materials

Flower Arrangement
Create interior decorations and gift itemsbouquets can be made from freshly cut or artificial flowers. Do not forget about dried flowers. At the initial stages of mastering the art of floristry, one should not try to combine all these materials in one work, it is too difficult to achieve the compatibility of textures and forms. Any flower composition, created by yourself, needs some kind of support or foundation. And it does not have to be a banal vase or basket. Try making bunches in kitchen utensils or interior wreaths. There should not be too many decorations, but they will be useful. These are a variety of tapes, decorative figures of butterflies and insects. Unusually, the transparent threads with beads resembling droplets of dew look. For romantic holidays, you can complement the decoration of flowers with figures of hearts. Such a flower arrangement, which everyone can make by themselves, will be remembered for a long time by your second half.

Basic principles of floristics

Flower composition with own hands photo
When composing a bouquet or a composition,know from which side the finished jewelry will be considered. If you are going to put flowers in the center of the table, your work of art should have a round shape. Such bouquets are collected from the center, adding new inflorescences along a spiral. If the composition is viewed from one side, the highest flowers should be placed in the background. There are other forms of bouquets, for example, the famous cascade. Such a composition, as it were, slowly "flows down". Original it will look in a high vase or in the hands (for example, like a bouquet of the bride). Before you start making floral arrangements with your own hands, study photos of the finished works for inspiration. Have you noticed that traditionally one bouquet does not use more than 2-3 shades? At the same time, both contrasting colors and neighboring tones look equally good. Pure white flowers blend with any others. If you use two colors, make sure that they have the same warmth and, accordingly, pick up greens for decoration.

How to make a flower arrangement: useful tips

How to make a flower arrangement
We all know that there are no golden roses, just likeas well as blue peonies. Will benefit in this case, a special paint. For freshly cut inflorescences, choose a floral composition, but the dried flowers can be painted with any paint from the can for decoration. Do not be afraid to add non-standard elements. New-year floral composition, made by hand, can include branches of coniferous trees or natural cones. Autumn bouquet will be interesting to look with berries or bright leaves. A summer bouquet can be supplemented with cereals or twigs of medicinal plants.

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