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New Year costumes for girls sew themselves

Parents always want to make the New Yeara truly fabulous holiday for your kids. But to create a joyful atmosphere you will need to take care of a lot of small things, however, quite enjoyable on the eve of the holiday. You will definitely need to dress up a nicer Christmas tree, buy gifts for children, decorate the house with attributes of New Year and Christmas holidays, and, of course, arrange a small costumed carnival with children and friends invited by them. Naturally, the feeling of the holiday will be complete for the baby only if he is dressed in a carnival New Year costume. Also the child will visit Christmas parties in the kindergarten, circus, theater or palace of culture these days, so that the festive attire will be quite in demand.

New Year costumes for girls
Buy New Year costumes for girls or forboys are not a problem today - they are offered in children's shops, on the market, at the box office. True, sometimes the parents are somewhat embarrassed about the cost of this outfit, if there is no time and opportunity to sew yourself, then buying it in ready-made form will be a good way out. But if you have sewing skills and a little free time, it will be easy to create children's New Year costumes for girls with your own hands - that's what this is about now. The tailored outfit will look much more interesting, because this is an author's work that will allow parents to be proud of their exclusive creation and admire the happy smile of their little girl dressed in it.

Choose a topic

Children's New Year costumes for girls
To begin with, you need to define the subject of the costume. It is important to take into account the wishes of the daughter, her affection for the heroes of fairy tales or cartoons, interests. The New Year's costume for girls should also to some extent correspond to the nature and manner of the child's behavior. A smart and active girl is more likely to wear a dress of a little robber or pirate, and a calm and tender baby will feel more comfortable in a fairy costume or snowflake.

The most interesting New Year costumes for girls, which are easy to create with their own hands

Easy to create, but beautiful and elegant will bea butterfly suit, it will suit even the smallest girls. To do this, you will need to find a bright monophonic blouse or turtleneck, black tights. Of the remnants of a black, preferably shiny fabric, it will not be difficult to sew a short skirt-sun. The main attention should be paid to making a headdress. As its basis, you can take a hair hoop, glue a cardboard frame to it and wrap it with a cloth from which the skirt is sewn. From the beautifully curved wire and the shiny little balls you need to make the butterfly's antennae and attach it to the frame. Then you can start making wings. They need to be made from light tissue of a gentle shade. They should be decorated with accessories or painted with paints. In this case, the pattern must be symmetrical. In the center of the wings are collected and attached to the neck, the other end - to the wrist.

New Year's costume for girls
Very much loved and popular New Year costumes forgirls, depicting fairy-tale characters. This is Malvina, Cinderella, a fairy, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood. Such costumes are made on the basis of the dresses that the child has, which correspond to the character along the color and style. To the dress you will definitely need to create a hat and accessories that will make the costume recognizable. To decorate the outfit and give it a fabulous look, you can use a bright fittings.

It will not be particularly difficult to create an imageangel. Its base is a long white shirt, which is very easy to sew. Wings can be made in the same way as for a butterfly, only for an angel, they should be more massive, you can decorate them with Boa from small swan fuzz (such sold in every fabric store). The angel's head should adorn the halo, it can be made of cardboard, pasted with foil or a white brocade cloth.

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