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"Munchkin" - a game for a small company

The fascinating card ugliness created bySteve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalick, received the original name "Munchkin". The board game is a parody of role-playing games based on the concept of munchkin - young people acting in order to "conquer" and destroy all monsters, and not for the sake of teamwork or enjoying the role. Creation of American developers was awarded as "The best traditional card game" in 2001 and is a by-product of a humorous book devoted to such entertainments. After the success that the first Munchkin gained from the public, the game acquired several additions and sequels, and was also translated into 15 different languages.

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The goal of the gameplay is to achieve 10or level 20 (in the "epic" mode). Each participant, starting with a unit, must rise to a higher level by killing monsters or by other means. Other methods include selling gold coins or using special cards to raise the level. As a rule, one hour of time corresponds to one completed round of "Munchkin". The game uses only a few tools: two decks of cards and a six-sided cube. But, according to the authors, their combination can turn an ordinary dull company into a hysterically laughing crowd.

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"Star Munchkin" was released in 2002. This is a stand-alone version of the game, and it is not intended to be intermixed with other card decks, not counting the case when the player is "mad enough to try to do it." Funny modification parodies, above all, science fiction in general, and in particular "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" as outstanding representatives of the genre. Countless games like "Dungeons & Dragons", whose goal is nothing more than a victory over as many monsters as possible - something that will remind you "Starry Munchkin".

star munchkin
The game combines a disregard for any reasonnor was it a plan with an ironic attitude toward science fiction. In this version, you can take your partner: he will help you in carrying weapons, provide additional bonuses or can sacrifice yourself, saving you from the monster. The game process is full of hilarious jokes and anecdotes, some of which will be understandable only to the big fans of the works of this popular genre.

The decoration complements perfectlyfrivolous essence of "Munchkin". The game is not least surprising in that even the same cards have different illustrations - this insignificant stroke was appreciated by many players. "Starry Munchkin" is an amazingly gay game that resurrects a lot of memories in memory, but the reason you can stay behind it until 4 am is its cruel and treacherous essence. Players form alliances to defeat monsters or competitors on the table, while at the same time thinking about how to reach the 10th level fastest. The game is ideal for those who are close to the spirit of healthy competition between friends.

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