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How to properly and quickly sew a bee suit with your own hands?

Children's matinee is not only a celebration fora kid, but also a hassle for parents. Of course, they are pleasant. Naturally, a child can get a role for which you need a special suit, for example, a vegetable or an insect. If you do not have the necessary outfit at the box office or in the stores, then you can make it yourself. For example, sewing a bee suit with your own hands is easy, you just need to pick up the necessary material of yellow and black colors, and also build a structure for the wings.

bee suit with own hands
It should be noted that you can sew individual outfitsfor boys and girls, and it is possible to build a universal kit that can be worn both those, and others. So, to construct a bee suit with his hands, it is not necessary to acquire a large amount of tissue. You can just use a black golf and trousers (skirts for girls). This combination is the most practical for the child.

Next, you will need to decorate the selectedclothing yellow stripes, which should be placed horizontally. In principle, a bee suit is made very quickly. After sewing the yellow stripes, it is almost ready. The material can be fixed using a sewing machine or manually. In the second case, you need to make sure that the seam is as neat as possible. A strip of satin is usually used for stripes.

New Year's costume bees with their own hands
If you want to make a bee costumewith your own hands was more original, then you can make it from scratch. To date, the manuals on sewing a lot of patterns of New Year costumes, which you can use to create your masterpiece.

Now we need to move on to making wings andantennae. This stage is the most difficult. Before you make a bee suit, try to prepare a thick wire, yellow pom-poms and cloth. For the antennae, you can use a conventional hair ring with wire (such products are often sold at New Year's fairs). You need to tie pom-poms to it.

As for the wings, then you will have toto work hard. Of coarse wire, you need to build a structure for the wings. For this, the material needs to be bent into a specific shape (droplets). The ends must be firmly twisted. Since the bee has 2 pairs of wings, you will have to make 4 such elements. And two of them should be slightly more than others. Now we construct a wing from the received elements and we tighten it with a cloth. Naturally, it is necessary to provide fastenings, through which the structure will be

how to make a bee costume
keep on the suit. In principle, you can attach ordinary ribbons to the wings, with which you can attach them to the child. Instead of a fabric on a skeleton it is possible to pull corporal women's dimensionless stockings. It is also necessary to observe the safety measures for the baby so that the ends of the wire do not harm him. To do this, wrap them well with electrical tape and threads.

As you can see, it's not difficult to make a New Year's costume of a bee with your own hands. You just need to be patient and imagine the ready result and joy of your child. Good luck!

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