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Zolotar is a profession irreplaceable for the city

In our time, scientific and economic achievementsnew professions emerge, while others disappear as unnecessary or are transformed. An example is a goldsmith. This profession existed in Russia until the end of the nineteenth century. Its name was received because the sewage drained into the streets was jokingly called the night "gold." To date, this work is carried out by sewers. Zolotar - a profession is not the most pleasant.

Duties of the goldsmith

The duties of the goldsmith included:

  • liquidation and removal of sewage in special barrels;
  • cleaning of dirt and impurities of the latrines;
  • maintaining the necessary sanitary standards in the narrow streets of cities, where often because of the lack of sewerage, slops and mud poured directly from windows to the street.

goldsmith profession

Zolotar - a profession in Russia is useful and necessary. Because of the peculiarities of working with impurities, being a goldsmith was considered shameful. But these people often helped to avoid epidemics in big cities. And of course, modern sanitizers are much easier to work with now. After all for the last hundred and fifty years in all cities there was a sewerage and new technological methods of clearing of waste and sewage.

Currently, sewers work with socalled sludge machines, due to which they can quickly evacuate liquid waste and take them to the place of utilization. Unlike the carts with the barrels, which were used by the goldsmiths, the sludge machines do not miss smells and do not cause discomfort to the inhabitants.

But, unfortunately, both were golden in the past, andVaccines are currently susceptible to various infectious diseases. Most often they suffer from parasites that can be masked for a variety of diseases - from asthma to dysbiosis or gastritis.

goldsmith profession in Russia

Goldsmith tools

For a goldsmith to work, he should have the following tools:

  • Cart.
  • A barrel in which impurities were carried. She had to not let the water in and close firmly.
  • The bucket, by means of which the goldsmith scrubbed the cesspools.

In addition to the human impurities, the streets offull of horse manure. And because goldsmith - a profession that is highly paid and very heavy. Otherwise, city residents would have to take out waste for the city in specially designated places for this purpose. Namely, thanks to the goldsmiths, residents avoided contact with sewage.

Zolotar is a profession in culture

The great Soviet writer Mayakovsky mentions a goldsmith in one of his poems precisely at the time when this profession evolved into a sewer.

In addition, this profession is mentioned inpopular book "The Last Watch", written by Sergei Lukyanenko. In it, the clever old Afandi pretends that he does not know any other Gesar and specifically confuses him with a goldsmith from Binkent, who has long since died. So he decided to make fun of the main character Anton Gorodetsky. However, in just a few minutes it turns out that the old Afandi knows Gesar and all his affairs.

goldsmith profession photo

Zolotar is a profession (photo is in the article)Heavy, but deserves respect. Without these industrious people, life in the city would be impossible. In addition, thanks to the goldsmiths in the city was clean water, obtained from rivers and lakes. Otherwise, at the first rain, the uncleared sewage would spoil the fresh water.

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