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What is a collage, what materials will be needed in its production

Talk about what is a collage, you should start with the meaning of the word itself, which indicates the form of modern art. In French, the word collage means "sticking on". It is from this translation that it is very easy to make a definition: collage is such a technique in the visual arts, when the whole work is performed by gluing materials, different in color and texture, to the substrate.

What is a collage?
The collage is due to the artists,who preferred special directions and technique of execution of works. In particular, these are Futurist artists, Cubists, Dadaists. It was in their works that collage was first used. Initially, the materials for creating compositions were newspapers, paper, tissue remnants, photographs. The basis of the work was the canvas.

What is a collage in the modern concept, what materials will be needed for its implementation

The creation of a collage by today's artists implies the use of modern materials. For example, to create a work in this style, you may need several types of glue.

  • Away. Used in those areas where the glued surfaces are completely in contact with each other. High-quality wallpaper paste also allows you to securely fix dry leaves on paper or canvas. It is convenient in that it does not leave traces on the surface of the paper.
  • Special glue used in floristry. It will be necessary for sections of the collage on which to attach transparent elements. For a strong connection, there will be enough point application of the glue. But you need to use it carefully - it can discolor the material.
  • PVA glue. It is very popular due to its ability to reliably connect materials without subjecting them to deformation. With the help of PVA it is possible to strengthen rather heavy elements of the work. The main drawback of the glue is the long period of its drying.

Collage this
When creating a collage is also common to usevarious tools and technical materials. In addition to the glue, you will need scissors, which must be sharp enough: they will need to cut out the elements for the future composition. Creating a background for the collage is done with gouache or watercolor - and of course, this work will require a sprayer, brushes and sponges, a palette where paint is diluted.

It's impossible to tell about what a collage is,not remembering the photo collage. A new unique image in this kind of art is obtained by "gluing" photos and pictures. Graphic editors are used as the "glue", and the whole process takes place in the computer.

Children's collage
The subject of glued works is quite diverse: one can meet both a children's collage, and a photo collage on canvas, and an option in which pictures of the great artists of the past are used.

Now, knowing what collage is and having studied the techniqueits implementation, you can try to create an unusual and interesting picture that would complement the interior. But here there is one "but" - for all its seeming simplicity, creating a collage is not an easy task, it will require careful selection of the texture and color of the material, exceptional accuracy in the work, and, naturally, fantasy and taste.

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