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Beautiful papier-mache crafts

For the preparation of beautiful and unusual dolls inthe beginning of the 16th century, a kind of art called papier-mache appeared, which in translation means torn or chewed paper. Over the years, this technique was used to make decorative stucco molding, mirror frames, candlesticks, toys, trays and snuffboxes. Crafts made from papier-mache are very beautiful things that can serve as an excellent interior decoration or addition to your style. There are two ways of making items made from papier-mâché. The first is the gluing of torn paper layers. The second - modeling of a mixture of glue with torn wet paper.

papier-mache crafts
From papier-mache you can make wonderful craftsfor children with their own hands. The created little things will please children and at the same time serve as pride in the work done. Consider the technique of making items made from papier-mâché.

The first way

Pieces of torn paper are glued onprepared form. You can use any paper, the main thing is that it should be soft. Mixed pasting will be an ideal option for this method of making papier-mache crafts. Layers of paper should be at least eight, alternate white paper with colored paper, this is necessary in order not to confuse how many layers have already been applied. Gluing should be done gently, slightly slipping pieces of paper on top of each other. Make sure that they do not wrinkle, every two layers need to be dried well before proceeding.

The second way

To prepare the mass, newsprint is taken,cuts or tears into small pieces and is filled with water. Ideally, it's good to use a mixer, but you can do it yourself. It is necessary to pour the paper with hot water and leave to soak for three hours, then knead as a dough until a homogeneous mass is obtained, drain excess water and add a paste mixture with glue. And knead until the weight is slightly sticking to your hands. This "dough" can be stored in a cool place for a couple of days.

handmade crafts for children
Crafts made from papier-mâché are original,grace, beauty and splendor. Creating interesting crafts for children, we understand how exciting this art is, bringing joy not only to kids, but also to adults.

Easter is coming, and you can create beautifulCrafts, for example, Easter eggs. What do we need for this? Materials for decor: beads, laces, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, acrylics, PVA glue, paper (napkins, colored paper, newspapers), thread and balloon. We inflate the ball to the size we need, glue it with pieces of torn or cut paper in a couple of layers, let it dry. Then carefully cut and remove the ball. We finish our craft, painting it with colors and decorating to your taste with beads, ribbons and other materials.

All children love toys, and the more they are, the morebetter. You can make an interesting dinosaur for your beloved child. For this you will need scotch, paint, cardboard, foil for head and foot preparation, glue bowl, glue, thick brushes, balloon and newspaper.

interesting crafts for children

The ball must be inflated, put on a stand, thenApply a trowel with a brush and lay a torn paper in several layers. To create the head and legs, the foil is twisted into a cylinder and fastened to the body with adhesive tape, from above we glue strips of paper. Spikes are made of cardboard triangles two and four centimeters wide, having previously folded them at the base at an angle of 90 degrees. We glue and wait until the entire dinosaur dries, then paint it and after complete drying the hack is ready.

Papier-mache creations are an excellent solution for creating not only original and beautiful toys, dolls, masks, figurines, piggy banks and boxes, but also for the unusual decoration of your interior.

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