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Carlson's suit with their own hands: step by step instruction

All children like to dress up and reincarnate infairy-tale characters or magic animals. So why not help them with this? Masquerade suits are suitable for almost any holidays and photo sessions. What is most pleasant is that many of them can be made by themselves. Interested in how to make a Carlson costume? Very simply, especially for you - our detailed instructions.

How is Carlson dressed?

Carlson costume
The basis of the suit will be any shirt orTurtleneck and breeches / pants with suspenders. Best if the top is checkered or striped. But it will not be any worse than a one-color bright shirt. The lower part of the suit - pants with suspenders. You can take a ready-made overalls or sew / fasten straps to ordinary jeans or breeches. If the child is very thin, you can increase the volume of the body in the abdomen artificially - sewing into the overalls of a layer of insulation. Carlson's costume can be supplemented with bright shoes. Let it be colored shoes or sneakers with contrasting laces.

We make the propeller at home

Carlson's costume with your own hands
Remember the catchphrase from the cartoon about bringing with a motor? If you decide to make Carlson's costume with your own hands, do not forget about the propeller.

The easiest way to make it out of cardboard. Draw an oval pattern of one blade and cut out four identical elements from the multi-colored sheets of cardboard. Fasten them on a round basis, you can simply paste. If you want to make a movable propeller, use wire and beads. An alternative option is to take spare parts from an old non-working fan. Also, the blades can be bent out of the wire and covered with a cloth. The finished propeller should be sewn to a suit or put on your back, making straps of elastic.

Imaging accessories

New Year's Carlson Costume
Carlson's costume will look more spectacular ifyou add it with a red wig. At home, artificial hair can be made from yarn or thread. Consider the option of attaching a wig - this can be an elastic band or hairpins, if the length of the child's hair allows. An unusual, but not less interesting idea is to make a wig from an old bathing cap or a tight knitted headdress. In this case, strands of artificial hair or threads should be sewn onto the backbone.

Making a Carlson costume with your own hands, youyou can decorate it in the course of work. Sew on multi-colored patches, you can also make a button on your chest. The best option is an appliqué with a small peephole inside that can be pressed. Also, the button can be represented with a small round icon or a large bead. Before the photo session or matinee, draw your little Carlson freckles with a cosmetic pencil. Add a festive image can, given the time of year and the main theme of the event. For example, New Year's Carlson costume will look more festive and interesting, if you add a bit of tinsel and rain. And along with the spring matinee you can attach a buttonhole from artificial flowers.

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