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Firebird: suit with your own hands

Children always look forward to the holidays. This is an occasion not only to show your skills and talents, but also to dress up in costumes of your favorite fairy-tale or cartoon heroes. Regardless of sex, the child wants to stand out among peers and declare his personality. Bee, Bunny, Snow White or Firebird - the suit of any of these characters will please the baby. This opportunity will reincarnate on the holiday, make a step towards real magic.

feather bird suit

A fire bird

The image of Firebird is found in the mythology of differentcountries of the world and everywhere is associated with kindness, truth and the sun. A character that brings happiness, illuminating everything around with its fire, is the main character of many Russian folk tales.

It is not surprising that children like to dress up in the costume of a fire bird. And an excellent occasion to try on such a role can be a children's themed party or New Year's carnival.

Firebird is a costume that is perfect for a girl. A fire bird is associated with magic and fairy tales, so not a single guest will be indifferent.

You can create a bright outfit for your child yourself. Of course, to make a suit of Firebird, you need to choose the right materials.

to sew a bird feather suit


For a suit, fabrics of red and goldit's a fire bird. Some wizards like to use for dresses and other colors. For example, blue-green fabrics with overflows will do. If you choose the shades and texture correctly, then the garments will become even more elegant. Appliques on fabric, stripes and other decorative elements will also give brightness, making the image of the child even more original.


For the girl, a skirt with an elongated rear part will fit, which will be used as a tail. It looks interesting stitched cape (it can be combined even with black tights).

Of course, the main attribute of the fairy birdare the wings. They can be made from a single piece of fabric and decorated with an applique that simulates plumage, or use the batik technique, applying color patterns directly to the fabric.

Firebird is a costume that will look good in any combination thanks to bright accents.


Another element that emphasizesrealism of a fairy bird. There are no restrictions. You can just take a diadem with yellow stones or make an original crown. Suitable and a rim of feathers. And modern techniques of watercolor make it possible to paint the face and complement the image, making it as bright and organic as possible.

Firebird is a costume, which is easy enough to make by yourself. With a minimum of time and effort, you can get a very good result, and your child will be at the center of attention.

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