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Costume of Daredevil for hunting and for carnival

The costume of Daredevil was always very commonon themed parties, New Year's holidays and on hunting. There are many reasons for this. This costume is very easy to make yourself, in the store it is cheaper than, for example, the costume of the King. For girls with shortcomings of a figure, he helps to hide problem spots, for young men - it's not insulting to hooligan under the mask of good evil spirits, and hunters - to merge with the landscape as much as possible. In addition, the costume of a Goblin is a schooly, uplifting clothes, tuning to a wave of rest and joy.

costume of a swine

Costume "Leshy" with their own hands

Leshy - this is probably the only apparel,which looks better in homemade performance. You can make it from anything, but first you need to understand who Leshiy is. This hero of Russian fairy tales lives in the forest and is very changeable in character. He defends his possessions with all his strength against evil invasions. Leshy is just: he helps the good, leads in circles and leads into the marshes of bad people. Leshiy can pretend to be anything: a stump, an animal, a bird, a swamp. Given this, we will also build a suit.

Option one. Leshy's costume from old clothes

We will need:

  • old trousers and shirt green or brown;
  • old cloth;
  • mask of the frog or the ears of any animal;
  • green paint;
  • straw, dry branches, grass, or the like.

We change trousers and shirt, adjusting them to ourselves. Then, along the entire costume, we sew cloth torn to pieces. Should get the effect of dishevelment: Leshie do not differ in particular purity and good-ness. On disheveled and lightly combed hair, you can put on an old felt or straw hat decorated with a bunch of grass. You can decorate shoes with the same grass. Even better is the costume of Leshoi, where the mask is played by a mask of a frog, a cat, a bear or a hare ears sticking out of the fallen hair. By the costume, too, you can sew grass, flowers, branches: Leshiy fell on the clearing, and so he came to the party.

Option two. Leshy is a lover of nature

a suit with your own hands

The basis of the costume can be a colorful dress or trousers and blouse

camouflage suit
with a motley pattern. The hood and all clothes are decorated with mushrooms, berries cut from paper or polystyrene. On the shoulders - real green branches, in tangled hair - flowers, berries, colorful leaves. Even on the costume, artificial plants can be expanded, which are sold in any store. A great addition will be a face painted with green or brown paint.

Masking suit "Leshy"

It can be of two variants: camouflage and camouflage.
Ready-made costumes are sold in stores forhunters. Homemade we construct so. We take a cape, a cape-tent or a camouflage suit, preferably with a hood. You can make a cloak yourself, cutting a hole in the piece of cloth for the head. Through rows at regular intervals we sew bunches of straw or dry grass (this is cheaper), and better - mochala (this is more reliable). As a result, the Daredevil's costume should resemble a bear with a very long coat. Before going out for hunting, it is recommended to smear lacquer or bast, sewn on a suit, to fully merge with the ground in ambush. The finished suit is so similar to the weeds that neither the game nor its beast are frightened and come very close to the hunter.

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