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How to make papier mache with your own hands

Papier mache is a special kind of manufacturevarious toys, hand-made articles, caskets and other items from the molding mass, which is formed from fibrous materials. Such materials are paper or cardboard, as well as other materials. Such materials are often adhesives, as well as gypsum, starch and other materials. Papier mache is a variety of objects, such as vases, caskets, teaching aids and interior decor items. Make papier mache with your own hands is quite possible, the main thing is to know the features of the material and be able to perform step-by-step actions.

The history of the development of papier mache goes far into 16century of France, when this material was used to make dolls. Already in the 17th century, interest in the import of decorative products awoke. The Japanese and Chinese made papier mache with their own hands, they made various boxes, snuff boxes, moldings for ceilings and walls, wall panels, candlesticks, trays, masks, toys, mirror frames and other numerous projects. There was also furniture - wardrobes and beds. In Russia, papier mache became popular since the reign of Peter the Great, it was this man who brought a lot of new things from abroad. To create from a papier mache by own hands various subjects became very popular and demanded employment.

On the question - how to make papier mache, you can answer that there are 3 technologies:

- The first one talks about bonding from wet papersmall pieces on the cooked model. The classical technique involves sticking several layers of paper. Previously, many people used starch paste for this method, today more modern means have come to replace it, namely polyvinyl acetate glue;

- the second method involves the formation of productsfrom the liquid mass of the paper. In this case, the paper is cut into small pieces, and then filled with hot water. This mass must be put for a day in a warm place. After this, it is necessary to boil, wring out, loosen and dry the paper. The mass that was obtained is mixed with chalk and is added, only gradually, with glue. When you get a creamy plastic dough, it is poured into a specially prepared form, and can also be applied to the surface of the mold by a layer. After that, the mass is dried;

- The third method says that when asked how to make papier mache, the answer is given that here products under pressure are glued from plates of solid and solid cardboard.

All three methods are dried and grinded,they can also be putty and primed. And after all this, the products are painted. Papier mache with his own hands is a laborious process, but the result will be delicious. For the manufacture of papier mache today use a variety of materials - epoxy resins, synthetic resins, polyester resins. As models for the formation use clay, clay, gypsum or wood. Papier mache also combines with natural materials and classical artistic traditions.

For painting papier mache anypaint, but most of all, acrylic paint is gaining popularity. This material has its own characteristics - acrylic paint is easy to use, inexpensive, quickly dries and has a large color palette. You can use post-production paints, but only without water-based varnish, as a result will result in a blurry color. Enamel and glossy paint are also excellent for painting papier mache.

In a word, papier mache is an excellent way to create a real masterpiece quickly and inexpensively, and to give the interior a unique and unique design.

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