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Merry watermelon costume for the holiday - what to choose

No children's holiday can not do withoutelegant costumes. With their help you can create a cheerful mood in children and parents. The costume of watermelon is not the most common on children's matinees, but on thematic events dedicated to harvesting can not be dispensed with.

watermelon suit with your own hands

Materials for a watermelon suit

You can sew any clothes with your own hands, the main thingstock up on fabric. Depending on the model, you may need dark green and light green matter. If the model stipulates that the watermelon is cut, then it will be necessary to purchase also pink material. It is worth saying that in the image of a watermelon for a boy, a fabric with such a shade is practically not used. With pink cloth, suits for girls are most often sewed.

If you want to see the flesh, then forboy watermelon suit is better sewn with a red cloth. In our case it will be lucky to find striped material, from it simply to cut out the details and assemble the product. In addition to the fabric, you still need a doublerine, also a thread of green and red. If you need to make seeds, then you can use a dense black imitation leather. It is preferable, because the edges of the fabric do not pour and the seeds can not be sewn to the product, but glued.

Independent work on tailoring a suit

There are different options for how you can sew a watermelon outfit with your own hands. For each age, the model will be successful. After all, the child should be comfortable in this dress.

watermelon suit for a boy with his own hands

When the model of a watermelon skeleton suitcase, then all the details need to be glued to a tight doublet.

The front half is made of red cloth,on it watercolor seeds are painted with colors for the fabric. Also, the seeds can be cut from the artificial skin and glued, creating any pattern or chaos. For the back half we use a dark green cloth. In this case, there are two details: the back and front shelf. The neck can be made wide enough so that the child's head goes even without a clasp. In this case, the two parts can be exactly the same. If the neck is small, then behind the product, you can make a buckle. Because the clothes must keep the shape, then two pieces are glued to the double.

To sew a watermelon suit for a boy with hishands it is necessary to lay sutures on the shoulders. Next, stitch parts from the armhole to the armhole in a circle, skipping places for the legs. In order to avoid seeing the duplicate, you can sew a lining. It is covered as well as the front and back shelf of the product. The lining is sewn to the product. If it is created without it, then the holes for the hands and feet need to be formed by folding the fabric.

Watermelon Suit for Kids

For small children you can sew a suit in the form of overalls. A t-shirt is freely tucked under the bottom. If the child is soaked, it is easy to replace, and the watermelon suit will remain in order.

watermelon suit for boy

In this version, there is also a hat, butit is sewn quite simply. One round part is cut out, taking into account the size of the child's head. The pattern is superimposed on the fabric and is wound, the part is cut out. Another part is made of red cloth. It will be inside, and you can notice it on the bottom edge of the rim. The resulting two circles are folded face to face, and a line is laid along the edge. The segment of 5 cm remains unattenable, through it the head piece is turned out, the seam is closed and at a distance of 5-8 cm from the edge of the rubber band is laid to get a ruff.

For the overalls, there are two parts: front and back. To decorate the transfer, a decorative element in the form of a slice of watermelon is cut out. The underside is green, the upper front side is red with painted seeds. The watermelon suit with its own hands is sewn quite simply. This model is made without lining, you do not need to calculate the width of the neck and armhole. In the overalls, there are two loops, which are fastened on the front buttons. To take off and put on a suit is simple. At the bottom of the legs, the galoshes gather for rubber. The kid in this suit will be comfortable walking and playing.

Watermelon "troika"

Another simple, and no less successful version of the costume. Separately, the panties are sewn in red, the waist is gathered on an elastic band.

The headgear is cut and sewn in the same way as in the previous model. If there is no fabric to carve a large circle, then it is permissible to use several elements. Just on the headdress will be stitches.

watermelon suit

The watermelon itself is sewn on the lining. Initially, two details are spent: front and back. The same operation should be done with the details of the lining. While the top is not closed, it is necessary to process armholes. The bottom of the product is assembled on an elastic band to form a rounded shape. The top is processed with a red coquette, on which the seeds of watermelon are glued or drawn.

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