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Flowers from sausage balls: a production guide

Flowers from balloons - the original choicedecor. Do you plan a celebration, and you want to decorate the house in an original and beautiful way? Stop your choice on the decor, made in the technique of twisting. It is the art of inflating and twisting balloons of sausages into a variety of compositions. As a decoration of the premises, the flowers from the sausage balls today are very relevant and in demand. You can use the services of craftsmen who know how to make decor from balloons. And if you are a creative person, then you will not have much difficulty learning how to perform flowers yourself from the sausage balls. Schemes, photographs, instructions and even whole video master classes for their production can be viewed on the Internet or in handicraft publications.

flowers from balls of sausages

Flowers from sausage balls: a manual for making your own hands

Beginners in the manufacture of flowers from balloonsFirst you need to learn how to perform the simplest flower from a single sausage ball. To do this, remember that twists are performed only in one direction: clockwise or counter-clockwise. A ball of sausage is hard to inflate with a mouth, for this purpose it is better to use a special pump. The ball should not be soft, a tight ball can burst during twisting.

In order to twist the flower, you need an inflatedFold the bead in half and fasten it with a knot. On the opposite side of the node, perform twisting, dividing the ball in half. Next, twist the resulting double "sausage" in two places. Fold the ball around the twist places with a fan. Then, holding the place of joints from two sides with your fingers, twist them so that they are connected in the center of the lock.

flower from one bead sausage
To make a stalk and leaves for a flower,It is necessary to inflate the ball to a sausage of green color and tie a knot. Run twist "tulip": with the index finger of the left hand push the bundle of the ball inward, with the other hand grab this knot through the body of the ball, remove the left hand, perform twisting so that the knot remains under it. To perform the leaves you need to twist the two bubbles into the lock on the same ball. It remains to connect the details. In the middle of the ball-flower insert the ball-stem. Everything, the flower from the ball is ready! Literally a few minutes of work - and ready flowers from the balls of sausages. Execution instructions are available even to the child.

Flower compositions from balloons

Flowers from sausage balls, instructions forthe implementation of which is presented earlier, can be combined into a variety of compositions. A bright spot in the house will be a large outdoor vase with a bouquet of 10-15 colors of balls-sausages. The walls and stairs of the house can be decorated with whole floral garlands of balloons. To decorate curtains and chandeliers perform small flowers from balls. In addition to the sausage balls, in the modeling of flower compositions in the technique of twisting, conventional balloons of round and oval form are also used.

Flowers made from balloons will not only decorate yourdwelling, but also will please your child. Imagine how much joy and delight will cause him a huge number of balls after disassembling the tracks. Will be than playing and your baby, and all the neighboring kids.

flowers from beads sausages scheme

Having manifested a fantasy and putting a little effort andpatience, each of you will be able to make a beautiful and original home decor - flowers from sausage balls. The instruction on manufacturing such colors gives the opportunity to learn the skill of twisting to everyone who wishes. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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