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Piglet made of plastic bottles - it's easy to make it with your own hands!

With the onset of a hot summer, all actively beginTo buy water in plastic bottles, which by the end of the season is accumulated very much. But it is better not to throw them out so as not to pollute the environment. Look carefully at what is recyclable. After all, this material is a wonderful crafts, and they can be used not only in the country, but also on the playground. It's enough just to show your imagination and get down to business.

Piglet made of plastic bottles

Surely you already made a variety ofcrafts from plastic bottles with their own hands. Photos of such products can be seen in thematic magazines. But today we will consider the use of 5-6 liter plastic containers of round shape. The resulting figures can serve not only as an ornament, but also as a bird feeder for animals and animals. You can also make a fun box for kids, etc.

Recently, a pig from plasticbottles has become a very popular hand-made article, which is used as a flower bed. It can be seen in many places. To make such a flower bed is very easy, you need only simple materials and tools, such as:

  • a bottle of plastic (with a capacity of 5-6 liters) - 1 pc .;
  • a bottle of plastic (1-2 liters) - 1 piece;
  • polymer adhesive;
  • colorful paint in cans;
  • knife, scissors.

Piglet made of plastic bottles with your own hands

Piglet made of plastic bottles with their own hands is done in several stages:

  1. Take a large bottle and, departing from the neck approximately 20 cm, cut out a rectangular hole in one of the sides (20x30 cm). This will be the upper part of the flower bed.
  2. From small bottles, cut a pair of ears of any shape. You can pre-make a layout from a dense base, and then transfer it to plastic.
  3. At the base of the large bottle, make two incisions, in which you need to insert the billets of the ears. For greater strength, you can fix them with glue.
  4. Piglet made of plastic bottles, with your own handsmade, it turns out very amusing, but, apparently, it does not have a tail. Cut it out of plastic debris and twist it in a spiral. Attach the tail in the same way as the ears, only to the bottom of the bottle.
  5. The final stage will be painting. In this case, our pig should turn pink.
  6. As soon as the painted blank dries, use a brush and a black paint to draw eyes, a mouth and a spout.
    crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands photo

So we got a pig from plasticbottles. It's very simple to make it up. In order for it to become a flower bed, the container must be filled with soil, planting seeds of flowers or greens in it. If there is nobody to take care of the plants, in this case you can make a little other piglet. It is manufactured in much the same way as the previous one, but without a central hole. Now we get a decorative little animal.

Piglet of plastic bottles with your own handscan be made large or small. It will depend on what kind of container you will use. And you can even make a whole family of mother-pig and her cubs. The main thing is to choose the right location for them in the suburban area or playground.

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