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For cars of different classesuse different types of car tires. On the performance of autorezin is chamber and tubeless. By design - radial and diagonal. Tires are divided into five types: summer, winter, all-season, universal, cross-country.

  • Summer is suitable for use at positive temperatures. Provide good grip with the roadway. On wet primers, this type of tire is not applicable.
  • Winter - used in winter. On snow-covered roads. When the road is icy and the coefficient of adhesion is low. On this tire can be installed special spikes.
  • All-season - a combined version of tires. Allows to use them all year round. Characteristics are usually worse than summer and winter options.
  • Universal - are used both on ground and on highways. Installed on all-roads mainly.
  • Increased patency, suitable for SUVs, when you have to move mostly off-road. On the road, prolonged use leads to rapid tire wear.

Marking of tires

How to label car tires? Sideways code is made up of letters and numbers. It looks something like this - 195/45 R 16 91T. The first part to the slash (195) stands forthe cross-sectional dimension of the tire at its widest point. (45) is the ratio of the height of the tire profile to the width of the tire. R- designation of tire construction (radial). (16) is the inner diameter of the tire. 91- load capacity of the tire. T is the velocity index. The speed index indicates the optimal driving speed. It is undesirable to drive at a speed below the index - this affects the performance of the car, excessive speed affects the comfort of driving. Winter is different from summer marking M + S or M & S. Near the tire size can be marked "XL". It denotes the excess of the load capacity by 4 units. This type is used on high-speed cars more often because of the increase in the weight of high-speed cars.

Operation of tires.

When using autoresist, it is recommendedobserve the correct pressure parameters. Data on this parameter are located inside the glove box, or in the passport with the main characteristics of the car. If not, contact the tire service - there will be prompted.

Pay attention to the date of manufacture of the tire. On the side of the tire there is a four-digit code. The first two digits indicate the week of the year, the last two-year.

Wash the tires must be made with special detergents - they have instructions on how to do this.

Use tires strictly according to theirdestination. Adjustment, selection and balancing should be carried out at the tire fitting points. When selecting tires for discs, it is necessary to use ISO 5775 / ERTO. To ensure uniform wear, the driving and driven wheels must be changed. This can be done after 10 thousand km. mileage.

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