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"Volga 31105" and its tuning

The passenger car "Volga 31105" is oneof the few auto brands that can be succesfully tuned. From the very first days this model attracted the attention of many car enthusiasts involved in tuning. And to transform the car "Volga 31105" can be beyond recognition. Moreover, the car manufacturer left a minimum of unnecessary details, so, as they say, "there is where to turn."

Volga 31105
Tuning "Volga 31105" is also special in thatThe 31 series can be converted into an SUV, a premium car or a real sports car. The main thing here is to show imagination and make maximum efforts. And the instructions below will help you to cope with this task.

External tuning

"Volga 31105" has a rather meager design,so we could not stop him refreshing. First of all, motorists are engaged in installing aerodynamic bumpers, spoilers and thresholds. Before you pay attention to the overall condition of your body. If there are corrosion on it, and this is not uncommon for the 3110's "Volga", then immediately they need to be eliminated. Otherwise, if you do not notice the presence of rust under large body kits, at one point the body part will simply rot. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the machine in advance and carry out an additional anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, you can install the patch on the wings. They will give the car sportiness and at the same time make it more modern.

Volga 31105 Chrysler

After installing the body kit, it's time to stop bySTO and order paint and varnish work. Why after installing these parts? It's simple - often until the buyer gets a complete set of body kit, their style can be very different. And even if they are painted, for example, in white, then their shade will be different. Buying exclusively black parts is also not an option. And thanks to full painting, your "Volga 31105" - "Chrysler" - will have a smooth and monochrome color. Well, for those who do not want to make their car monotonous, there are various airbrushes. They will definitely make the car irresistible and unique. Recently, aerography has gained popularity on the hood in the form of a working engine. It seems that the car goes without a hood, and only when touching the body reveals all this visual illusion. Also there are painting in the style of lightning. This, too, will give the car an irresistible look. In general, there are a lot of styles and varieties of airbrushes at the moment, so that the best option will be chosen on the service.

Add the irresistible can and new wheels, andmore precisely drives. Caps need not be purchased, because their service life does not exceed 2 years. The plastic simply breaks off from the fasteners. For true tuning enthusiasts there are low-profile alloy wheels. Cast or forged, black or silver, 16 or 18 inches - it does not matter, the main thing is that they satisfy the owner and make the design of the car more dynamic and original.

tuning the Volga 31105

Thanks to these actions, you can turn your iron friend into a real business sedan, which will not be spoken about: "Yes this is the old" Volga 31105! "

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