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Inexpensive cars - the way to independence or eternal problems?

In the life of every person there comes a time whenspend 2-3 hours a day in crowded urban transport is not just tedious, but unbearable. Then something comes up about buying your own car. But I do not really want to buy used one, but the new one does not always have money. It is for this purpose that automakers around the world produce inexpensive machines designed to provide comfort for a relatively small amount of money to a person.

Manufacturers of cars, creatingsegment available cars, resort to various methods: copy previously created by others, use inexpensive materials from processed raw materials, reduce the basic equipment to a minimum. Sometimes such measures affect not only the level of comfort, but also safety, but honestly, most of those who move daily on the metro, trolleybus or minibus will happily prefer inexpensive cars to urban transport conditions. How justified is this step?

We'll look at some inexpensive cars that currently top the respective ratings, so they're popular in their class.

Inexpensive cars
Daewoo Matiz

Unconditional leader of the price offer ondomestic market. Easy to operate, compact, unpretentious car has long and firmly gained popularity in the former CIS countries. Due to the small size and convenience of parking it can be successfully referred to the category of "inexpensive cars for girls." By the way, it is at the weaker sex that he most often is in demand as the first car. Depending on the configuration Matiz will cost its future owner from 7 to 10 thousand dollars. Somewhat cheaper will be the analogue of the Chinese production of QQ - up to $ 8 thousand.

Renault Logan

Inexpensive cars for girls
The European car, which is quite commonoccurs on domestic roads. This joint creation of French and Romanian masters; The machine was designed as a budget car with a modern design. With a certain stretch, this idea was a success, and the car can quite share the fate of its popular predecessor - Renault Clio. Speaking about the availability of this car, we, first of all, mean its basic equipment. The European car is a priori more attractive than the Chinese, but for the same money, masters from the Middle Kingdom are ready to install in the car air conditioning, power windows and other functional. Have to choose than to sacrifice.

Chevrolet lanos

Inexpensive sports cars
The result of cooperation of AvtoZAZ specialistsand the concern Chevrolet - a car that combines comfort and elegance at a very reasonable price. Of course, Lanos still does not reach the category of "inexpensive sports cars", but in conditions of high-quality road surface it is ready to demonstrate decent acceleration dynamics and maneuverability. For good functionality, enhanced security and stylish exterior, Chevrolet Lanos customers will have to pay 10-11 thousand dollars - relatively little for such a combination. Like other inexpensive cars, Chevrolet Lanos has a relatively low fuel consumption, which is a defining characteristic for a city car. In addition, this is perhaps the best option for combining prices and quality.

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