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In brief about Mercedes cars: A-class, E-class, C-class and S-class

"Mercedes" is a world famous concern. It is he who produces high-quality, beautiful and reliable cars. Mercedes A-class, S-class, C-class ... Machines that are representatives of these model series, deserve attention! And about what they represent, it is worth talking a little more.

mercedes a class

In brief about "Mercedes"

Before talking about the Mercedes A-class andother models of this concern, I would like to say a few words to cars of the concern Mercedes in general. Everyone knows that they are considered the best in the world. Build quality, reliability, excellent handling, beautiful bodywork, interestingly designed lounges, rich equipment - this and many other things made the cars of this brand famous and bought. The most reliable and popular are cars belonging to the E-class. The legendary "five hundredth", the old honorary w123, "eye-catching" w210 - all these famous cars and are representatives of the E-class. However, it is necessary to pay attention to other models. Because they also have their own advantages and distinctive features.

 mercedes c class


So, Mercedes A-class. These machines appeared in 1997. And the first representative of Mercedes A-class was a car, like w168. This machine was different in that it had front drive wheels. In addition, she had a double floor, due to which the increased safety of passengers and the driver. At the same time, the model was very compact. It was, you could say, a trial version. On all the others, the manufacturer has already corrected the shortcomings. So, for example, engineers realized that on such machines should install ESP, do less clearance, stronger tires and it would be desirable to reconfigure the suspension. Everything was fixed, and the model "one hundred and forty Mercedes" was released. This Mercedes A-class had small in size motors (1.4- and 1.6-liter), producing a power of 82 hp. In general, it is worth noting one nuance that remains unchanged from the very beginning of production of these machines. Mercedes A-class - these are cars not designed for high speeds and conquering roads. But they are created for those people who like the most safe driving and soft control. And the Mercedes A-class are those cars that get five stars from Euro NCAP. And this is a worthy indicator.

Class of "comfortable" cars

That's what Mercedes C-class is called. These models debuted in 1993. The prototype of the first model of the "comfortable" class was w190 Mercedes. This machine was also a test subject (it used technologies that were supposed to form the basis of making C-class machines). However w190 was a huge success. So the concern, seeing the result, set to work and began to produce such models as S202, C208, A208, W202 and many others.

One of the most popular cars of this classis considered "Mercedes-Benz W204". In his exterior, you can see something from the S-Class. However, this car was weaker, but more suitable for families and fans of spacious cars and large luggage. Actually, this is one of the key features of such models.

mercedes s class

Executive class

And, finally, a few words about the Mercedes S-class. About these cars you can say a lot. But in order not to go deep into the description, we can simply cite one model as an example. The famous "six hundredth" - a real legend of the nineties. This is the largest model in the history of the representative S-Class. And, I must say, powerful and fast. This car can easily compete with any other modern sedan, released in the 2010s. And the majority of the "six hundredth" will win in all respects.

And, I must say, if a person wants to becomeowner of a car that would be powerful, incredibly fast, beautiful and reliable, then he needs to buy an S-class car. It is worth it, it is true, a lot of money, but this amount should be given. For example, for W222, or for W221, or maybe for W220. Any S-class car is a brand. Demonstrating the status and flawless taste of its owner.

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