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Sweat glasses in the car, what should I do? Why do the glasses sweat in the car?

Many people face this problemmotorists starting their way on the road. If in the summer its occurrence is unlikely, then in other seasons the appearance is not rare, and besides it is very intense. The fact that the glasses are sweating in the car. What to do in this case, elementary knowledge of physics will tell.

If there is not one, you will have to get acquainted with thea phenomenon such as condensation, and its causes. We will understand from this point of view why the glasses in the car are sweating, what to do with misting, which not only irritates, but also reduces the level of the survey of the surrounding world.

sweating glass in the car what to do

Physics of the phenomenon

Water vapor contained in the air of the machine,contacts with glass. If the street is colder in the street than in the car (we are talking about the autumn-spring seasons, and also about the winter), moisture, coming into contact with the cold surface of the glass, will sharply cool down, passing from the gaseous state to the liquid, and, as a result, in the form of tiny drops of condensate. The fogging of the windows in the car will pass more intensively, if there is a large number of people in it, with one driver inside the car this process will be slower.

 why sweat the glass in the car what to do with the misting
That is, in addition to moisture, which could go into the salonthe car while it stays in the garage or just stands with the windows open in the street during the rain, the salon will accumulate the moisture that comes out when the person breathes. Naturally, if the temperature in the cabin is similar to the one that is on the street, there will be no difference, and moisture will not settle. But it's so-so out. What to do, so as not to sweat the glass in the car, and while you are still warm?

Prevent the possibility of moisture in the cabin

You need to understand where the water comes from, so thatavoid further saturation of its auto salon. This is paramount to the process of sweating the glass in the car. What to do and what should be avoided so that moisture in the cabin is not going to be in large quantities?

Cold seasons are characterized by the presence ofsnow and rain. These deposits, which fall with shoes and with wet clothes inside the car, also adversely affect the level of humidity. Of course, you can not undress or change clothes every time, sitting in the car. Fighting with wet clothes is unrealistic, but it is even possible to at least alleviate the moisture of the floor mats by simply placing a newspaper under them that will absorb excess moisture from your shoes.

When you wipe the glass with a cloth,how to make a trip, remember that water also remains on it, and it will evaporate from the rag as the air warms up in the cabin, again returning to the windows. To avoid this, keep a rag somewhere in the trunk.

 what to do if the windows are sweating in the car

Poor rubber door seals alsobecomes the reason that sweat glass in the car. What to do in this case is probably clear to everyone. All that needs to be done in this case to minimize the amount of moisture in the cabin is simply to replace the seal with a new, high-quality one that will fully perform its functions.

An interesting way to get rid of excess moisture in the cabin

 misting in the car
A regular packet of salt will be required. If it is revealed, it will easily absorb excess moisture. To use this method or not, decide for yourself based on how, for example, in your area or in the places where you most often appear, smooth roads. Otherwise, trying to deal with one problem with this method, you will achieve that the tool that helps you fight moisture will spread throughout the machine, creating new problems with cleanliness.

These were simple methods for removing excessmoisture, especially not requiring extra costs. Elementary minimization of moisture and a bit of finance. There are also tools that will require large expenditures, but it will be more effective to help solve the question of why windows are sweating in a car. What if the newspaper, salt and other low-cost methods of moisture reduction do not help?

Install high-quality ventilation and air conditioning

Filters that are available in the air conditioner,undoubtedly can dry the air. But at the same time it is necessary to monitor their cleanliness and degree of wear. The new air conditioner will do its job as well as possible; as soon as you notice that he is not doing his job as before, this is the first sign that you need to clean or replace the filters.

Ventilation should be done as follows. If you can switch the device to the window blowing mode and at the same time increase the speed of the air blower itself, as well as the temperature of the air that will come out of the heating element, you can dry the windows and remove moist air through the air ducts. If this does not help, you need to follow up, for example, how clean these ducts are.

 what to do to not sweat the glass in the car

There are some other means thatwill help to cope with the humidity on the windows. What to do if the glass in the car is sweating, despite all the measures taken? This, of course, is unlikely if you have implemented all previous recommendations with high quality.

Glass processing

What to do to not sweat the glass in the car? For this, various anti-foggers are suitable, which are sold as sprays, napkins or liquids. The effect of these funds is that they create a film on the surface of the glass with such surface tension that moisture will simply flow down or accumulate as single objects. If you allow finance to buy such a mixture, then do not bother; if you want to make such a tool with your own hands, without relying on "any chemistry", you can mix one part of glycerin, which can be bought at any pharmacy, with 10 parts of alcohol, which can also be purchased at any pharmacy. The smell of the mixture is specific, but not less than when using another popular method - rubbing glass with tobacco. Also, folk methods suggest that you can rub the glass with a newspaper or just ideally clean and dry the glass surface from the inside.

Anti-fog film and heated glass

If you rub the glass with a newspaper or a mixture of glycerin and alcohol, you will have to more or less regularly, then you can buy the film once, and it will last much longer.

The most expensive and at the same time mostAn effective way is to install spiral electric glass heaters, which were previously most often applicable to rear windows, and now there is a tendency to mount them even on a windshield.

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