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What can be the ventilation of the house with their own hands

During the design of the house, special attention is paid tomust be given to the ventilation system. After all, it's no secret that for normal life, a person needs oxygen and the optimal air temperature for the body, depending on the season. Such extreme methods, for example, as a few hours airing the whole house in the winter, not everyone will like. In order to solve the problem of fresh air entering the room, its heating and the outflow of carbon dioxide, one has to deal with such a problem as the ventilation system of a private house. There are many ways to solve this problem.

For someone who is used to doing everything with his own hand andwith minimal costs, the best way out of this situation will be to ventilate the house with your own hands. This implies the organization of a natural inflow and outflow of air. In order to solve this problem, you can plan in the house a stove or fireplace. They will perfectly serve as an air heater in winter, and through them carbon dioxide will emerge from the house. Mostly this system concerns wooden houses and is the cheapest. In addition, the ventilation of the house with their own hands can be provided through conventional fans and hoods, which also makes it possible to significantly save. However, both methods are inefficient and inconvenient to use.

The ventilation of the house with your own hands can beis organized in such a way as the installation of fans in the wall. This will require some tools for installation work, as well as a fan with a pipe. Before you start, you need to determine the place where the fan will be installed. When a place is chosen, a hole is made for the ventilation pipe in the wall using a perforator. It should be noted that the size of the hole to be made must be several centimeters greater than the diameter of the pipe itself. After that, we place the fan itself in the vent pipe and install it in the resulting hole in the wall. Further, to blow the cracks will need a mounting foam, which will then solidify for about 10-12 hours. When there are no gaps or openings around the fan, the ventilation system must be connected to the electrical supply. Now you can proceed to the finishing works.

There is also another way out in the solution of this problem.problems like ventilation at home is a supply installation. The operation of such an installation consists in supplying fresh air into the room, heating it, possibly cleaning it, and replacing the "spent" air with oxygen. Pribochnaya ventilation with their own hands can be assembled from separate devices, such as: fan, heater, sound attenuator, air humidifier, etc. However, it is much more convenient to use the already assembled ventilation system. It will consist of approximately the same devices, but they will be located in the same housing. It is also possible to remotely control such a system or from a shield. This system is most applicable in residential and working premises. The essence of the work of the supply ventilation system is that the air outlets supply oxygen to the room, distributing it. The built-in heaters heat it up, and the fans essentially allow the "new" flow to take the place of the "old" air. As a rule, such systems are not equipped with hoods, otherwise it would be a question of the supply and exhaust system. The "exhausted" air exits the room through open doors, windows, and ventilation systems provided in each building. In order to get air into the building not only enriched with oxygen, but also clean, a filter can also be installed in such systems.

Regardless of the choice, the ventilation of the house with your own hands or supply ventilation system - the main thing is that the house was safe and comfortable for the life and health of all its household members.

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