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VAZ 21093 - stylish and reliable satellite

Lada Sputnik - the first front wheel drive hatchback,which was developed and produced at the Volzhsky car plant from 1987 to 2004. In addition to the base model, various modifications of the car were produced in different years, including the VAZ 21093.

VAZ 21093

Initially installed on itfour-cylinder eight-valve carburetor engine up to 1.5 liters. After 1994, these were exclusively 1.5-liter engines with distributed fuel injection. The peculiarity of the new power unit was that in the event of a broken timing belt, the pistons did not reach the valves. Then the car was repeatedly restyled: in addition to the engine, the body was being refined, the dashboard was redone, and later the europanel was installed.

In 1990, the updatedmodification of the five-door hatchback - VAZ 21093. Specifications of the new engine have already been described earlier. As for the modernization in general, first of all, the changes affected the body. The car received a short wing, some changes have undergone some parts of the radiator and the front of the car. With the rear seat folded, the hatchback takes the form of a cargo-passenger vehicle. Regarding specifically the VAZ 21093 - the characteristics of the modified version allow you to make a full-fledged station wagon.

VAZ 21093 Specifications
At about the same time, hatchbacks began to be produced andin the configuration "Lux", the essence of which was a more modern instrument panel, equipped with a trip computer and tachometer. Separate batches were completed with an anti-theft system, electric windows and electric door interlocking, and some of the decorative elements of the interior were changed.

VAZ 21093, like other models of the family"Sputnik / Samara" has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, of course, you can highlight the high dynamics and speed, stability on the road and good handling. As for the negative sides, with respect to all previous models, we distinguish rattling, the presence of cheap plastic in the cabin, lower permeability and reduced maintainability.

Compared with the same "Lada" in the carmore free space is used more efficiently, it has become easier and safer (for example, with a frontal impact). The back seat in the VAZ 21093 can easily be folded for the transport of oversized cargo. The car requires less steering movements, allows you to quickly and safely enter corners even on slippery roads.

VAZ 21093 specifications
As a body anti-corrosion protectionmore resistant priming of the panels before painting is applied, a protective film of epoxy is applied during the final treatment of the body. Naturally, compared with foreign counterparts, these measures can hardly be considered satisfactory.

And a few words about the appearance of the VAZ 21093. It is very peculiar, and all thanks to a wedge-shaped form with curved side windows. Undoubtedly, such forms make the car more sporty, but in terms of roominess and ease of landing, it loses to foreign counterparts. Another innovation - the gas tank is now made of special plastic, not metal, as it was before. Such a tank in a fire will swell up, but not explode, which in itself gives the car a certain head start in terms of safety.

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