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Audi Q7 2013 new SUV

Well, the long-awaited novelty - Audi Q7 2013,which leaves no one indifferent. Aggressive appearance and quick reaction are the main characteristics of this machine, and although it has a sporty look, but its character smells of solidity.

Audi Q7 2013

In total there are 5 seats, however, if desired, you canbuy two more, for example, for children or people not more than 160 cm, which will cost 913 euros. But, according to many opinions, five seats in the chic Audi Q7 2013, is quite enough. If you are concerned about the convenience for passengers, then you can order a footrest for 100 mm for 1763 euros. The figure "7" indicates a high rating of the model in the Audi range. This car willingly borrowed some of the options from its predecessors, but with large improvements and lack of many shortcomings.

New Audi Q7 2013

The German company did its best,focusing on America, Europe and Asia, and in many countries the new Audi Q7 2013 is already available, but in countries such as Ukraine and Russia, you will have to wait a little. This mightier SUV confidently competes with the BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Porsche Cayenne and Volvo XC90. Their advantage is just acquired potential buyers and no more. First of all, its motor, which is equipped with four valves and a direct injection FSI, deserves close attention, which, in turn, provides a modest fuel consumption and protects the environment. In addition, the Audi Q7 2013 is today and for a long time will be considered the largest SUV in the world: its length exceeds 5 meters, and thanks to the use of a new type of steel, it has become lighter than 400 kg. The company promises that soon there will be a hybrid version. It will have an electric motor and a gasoline engine. Due to serious modernization, it can overcome about 30 km. For comparison: hybrid Touareg can hold on to electricity no more than two kilometers with a maximum speed of 50 km / h.

New Audi Q7

Audi Q7 2013 is equipped with a strong and stablesuspension with a shock absorber due to which the car occupies a leading position in the German and international market, where it is considered one of the best SUVs in its series and can only compare to the Mercedes GL450 and BMW X5 and X6. Although, as already mentioned, he competes very confidently and very soon can overtake them on the rating scale.

As for the internal equipment of the Audi Q7 2013,then, it is worth noting that the cabin consists of high-quality materials. The dashboard is laconic and modern, with many additional features. So, new features include the latest version of the entertainment interface MMI Audi and Audi Connect, which makes wireless Internet access possible, and also includes access to Google Maps.

On safety, it should be said separately. Audi Q7 2013 is equipped with a complete set of all necessary means: eight airbags, belts with restraints and pretensioners for passengers of both front and rear seats. There is also a cruise control system to prevent the withdrawal from the lane, and a system of assistance when descending from the hills.

Audi Q7 2013 Security System

The head of the Russian division of Volkswagen, M. Ozegovich, said that in May 2013, the assembly production of new Audi Q7 2013 in Kaluga will begin. He also recalled that there will be assembly of cars, such as: Q5, Q7, A7, A6, A8. It should be said that the Volkswagen Group plans to reach more than 400,000 car sales per year, of which 350,000 will be offered for sale in Russia.

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