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The car "Tavria". Tuning by own hands: features and recommendations

Any car needs improvement and refinement,especially if it is produced at the ZAZ plant. Tuning ZAZ-1102 "Tavria" - is the finalization of the famous Ukrainian car, which received the status of nationwide. Low cost, easy repair and maintenance made it affordable even for people who have a small salary. But sadly, what price is such a quality, so many car enthusiasts do the tuning of "Tavria" with their own hands.

tavria tuning

External weather cloths

Almost all parts of tuningare made by hand and by own strength. With the entry of ZAZ-1103 to the market, many domestic manufacturers of parts began to make lightweight skirts, but they do not give any aerodynamic qualities. Therefore, tuning "Tavria" with their own hands became more relevant.

The first step is to refine the front and rearrear bumpers. As a material, plastic, fiberglass and automotive plasticine can be used, which are easy to process, and after the shape is well held.

Side lining thresholds are made of plastic orsheet metal, the best for production remains aluminum. From the same material can be made expanders wheel arches, but here usually apply a mounting foam, which then shpaklyuetsya and painted.

On the tailgate you can install a rear window spoiler for the brand "Tavria". The tuning version of the part can be purchased in automobile markets or in specialized stores.

Alternative optics for ZAZ-1102 is notproduced. But car enthusiasts have found a way out: installing cheap Chinese xenon in standard lenses is also tuning. "Tavria", a photo of which is presented in the article, with the entrance to the market of LED technologies from motorists began to receive standard headlights with the addition of running lights in them.

Paint and airbrushing

Another option for upgrading and improvingbecomes painting in metallic or mother of pearl, as well as airbrushing. At the same time, "Tavria", whose tuning is not always cost-effective, becomes colorful and stands out among other cars.

In Ukraine, it is rare to find ZAZ-1102 in author's painting or with drawings. Such cars are often represented as collectible specimens at various exhibitions and tuning forums.

Tuning of salon

Because the price of the car is about1000-2000 dollars, then for "ZAZ Tavria" the tuning of the salon becomes unprofitable, since it is possible to invest the same money in the material itself. Motorists found the way out easier. Instead of regular seats are installed from the Opel Vectra B. They ideally go for regular fastenings, and their cost in the automotive market is insignificant.

tuning of Tavria with their own hands

Tuning salon "Tavria" does not end on onereplacing the seats. Upholstery racks and carpeting are replaced with carpet, the color of which is chosen by the owner. The dashboard is covered with a color film-glue, produced by the Kharkov polyethylene factory. The illumination of the instrument cluster is replaced by the method of soldering the LEDs into a digital circuit.

tuning tavria photo

Engine tuning

For the Ukrainian car "Tavria" tuning engine exists in two versions:

  1. Full replacement of the engine and gearbox for the engine from VAZ-2106 or 2108.
  2. Completion of the piston group and injection.

The first option for many is quite familiar: removes the old engine MeMZ-245 and installs a new one. Thus it is necessary to replace in passing a lot of details, from pillows of fastening to elements of completion of fuel system and cooling.

The second option is also not quite simple, as it seemsat first sight. The engine will have to be dismantled and subjected to boring-honing for new pistons. Usually, instead of the standard ones, lightened from the manufacturer ATI (Poland) with a diameter of 75 mm are installed.

tuning tuning

Auto inlet and exhaust valve chamfers"Tavria", tuning which is done only on a special machine, is reduced by 0.4 mm, which makes it possible to inject fuel into the combustion chamber before. Also, to add power, you can install two Solex carburettors. But it is worth considering that the consumption will increase by 50% from the standard.

The latest option for adding powerbecomes the installation kit kit exhaust system. This is an expensive pleasure, and therefore the owners of the Ukrainian car "Tavria" do not perform tuning of this system. The only thing that remains affordable is the attachment to the silencer, the range of which is huge.

Tuning of the chassis

Tuning of the running gear of "Tavria" can be carried outtotal or partial. So, first of all, the hubs, discs and tires are replaced. Next, you can install new springs and shock absorbers. For fans of reduced clearance, they will have to be cut by 2 cm.

tuning salon of tavria

Of course, you can buy a full set of tuningrunning, which is represented by the Ukrainian manufacturer "Bogdan", but according to the price policy it is a sky-high cost, which does not justify investments. Therefore, some elements of the VAZ suspension are often installed, which makes Tavria more stable on the road surface.

Adaptation of the brake system

An integral part of the modernization of the chassisremains adaptation of the braking system to the standard vehicle "Tavria". The tuning of the brakes becomes an obligatory part of the refinement, since this system from the plant is not entirely reliable.

To improve the efficiency of the brake systemyou will have to replace the front and rear brake drums, pads, as well as the parking brake. On this you can not stop and install a shortened set of Brembo brake tubes, but you will have to replace the brake cylinders, which will be hard to pick up on this car.

Of course, the tuning of "Tavria" is a noble impulse,but often the money invested in such a car does not justify itself. Therefore, before you start upgrading ZAZ-1102, you should think carefully.

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