/ / Coffee houses of St. Petersburg: "Coffee House", "Coffee House Gourmet". Where is the best coffee in St. Petersburg?

Coffee houses of St. Petersburg: "Coffee House", "Gourmet Coffee House". Where is the best coffee in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful andlarge cities of Russia, where life is really bubbling, both during the day and at night. There are more than 5 million people permanently living here, most of them practically every morning hurry to work, study or just on business. I wonder why suddenly it came about the morning business? It's simple: in the morning, not everyone can wake up on their own, and if it does manage to do it, then a cup of strong coffee can not be dispensed with.

In this short article we will discuss in detailthe best coffee houses in St. Petersburg, to still determine where it is worth to try the delicious coffee, which can easily be called the best in the city. Let's get started!

Coffee House Network

Establishments of this network can be found practicallyin every city of Russia. "Coffee House" is the largest network of coffee houses in the territory of our country. Here you can always have a great time in a cozy atmosphere, after drinking a cup of good coffee.

"Coffee House"

In addition, each cafe has a menu, whereDelicious dishes are presented, including complex breakfasts, so that the visitor can be charged with energy for the whole day. Coffee houses of St. Petersburg of this network are located practically in all districts of the city. For example, you can visit an institution in the Gulliver shopping center (metro station Staraya Derevnya, daily from 10 to 22 hours), Zhdanovskaya embankment, 3 (Sportivnaya metro station, work schedule: 24 hours per day), in the shopping and entertainment center "Balkansky" (work schedule: every day from 10 to 22), along Sadovaya street, 44 ("Sadovaya" metro station, 24 hours a day) and so on.

Coffee house Pitcher

This institution is one of the best incity, because here they serve delicious coffee at an affordable price. Pitcher is a coffee house of St. Petersburg, which operates from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 22 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday opens 2 hours later.

Pitcher - coffee house St. Petersburg

The average check here is 200 rubles (withoutaccounting for drinks), and the price of coffee will pleasantly surprise you. There is a cafe near the metro station "Mayakovskaya" at the following address: Marata street, house 2. You can also visit this institution along Basseynaya Street, 12. Comments about this coffee house are almost all positive, which makes it possible to attribute it to the best in St. Petersburg , as well as "Coffee House".


The establishments of this network are notonly coffee shops with excellent drinks and dishes, but also online stores. On the official website of the project you can order both coffee and different kinds of tea, and at good prices.

Coffee house "Gourmet"

One coffee house "Gourmet" can be found on the streetMarata, house 86 (shopping and entertainment complex "Planet Neptune"), the other is located on Moskovsky Prospekt, 2nd building, 109 (metro station "Electrosila", "Frunzenskaya" and "Moscow Gate"). In addition, in other areas of St. Petersburg you can also find coffee shops of this network: Chkalovsky Prospekt, 11; Vladimirsky prospect, 15; Ave Artists, 14; Foundry Ave, 16 and so on.


This institution is not only excellentcoffee shop, but also a good bakery. Here everyone can drink a cup of real coffee, the grain for cooking which is fried by hand by experienced specialists. To the preparation of drinks here are treated with due responsibility, therefore, listing the best coffee houses of St. Petersburg, it is impossible not to mention Sicaffe.

This institution is located on Gorokhovaya Street, 2 (metro station "Admiralteyskaya"). From Monday to Friday the coffee house opens at 9 am, and on weekends it is open from 10 to 23 hours.

Coffee houses St. Petersburg

The average bill here is about 600 rubles, including drinks and food. If you come here, be sure to try not only coffee, but also desserts, the choice of which will pleasantly surprise you.


If you want to know where the best coffee is inPetersburg, be sure to come to one of the cafes called "Doubleby." It is worth noting that this network was formed in the capital of Russia, where at the time of 2016 there are 18 outlets. Gradually, the brand reached St. Petersburg, where only 3 coffee shops currently operate at the following addresses: Millionnaya Street, 2, Kronverksky Avenue, 65, and ul. Italian, 19.

Coffee grains seedsprofessional barista in different countries: Kenya, Ethiopia and so on. If you do not know which coffee to choose, refer to the coffee sommelier, who will prompt the drink to your taste.

By the way, espresso reviews here get very positive, so be sure to try it!


This is another cozy establishment in St. Petersburg,worth a visit to try real specialty coffee. Of course, this cafe specializes in baking, but drinks are treated with the same responsibility here. Unfortunately, not all St. Petersburg coffee houses can compete with the bakery and confectionery shop “Bushe”, which is located on Zvezdnaya Street, 1.

Coffee houses of St. Petersburg

If you are planning to travel by metro, thenget off at the station "Star". Please note that the cafe is open from 10 to 22 hours, and the dishes here are exclusively European cuisine. The average bill is about 400 rubles per person. A pleasant bonus for everyone will be the availability of a free Wi-Fi network.


In this article, we discuss not only the best, but alsothe most interesting coffee houses of St. Petersburg. These include the vegetarian restaurant "Frida", where coffee is considered a cult drink. One of the advantages of this project is the method of preparation of the most common product in the world. Coffee is brewed in hot sand, according to the old Turkish technology.

"Frida" is located at 57, Tchaikovsky Streetst. m. "Chernyshevskaya", and is open daily from 10 (weekdays), 11 (weekends) until midnight. As you understand, vegetarian dishes are served here, and the entrance to the cafe is possible upon reaching the age of 18.


In this institution, anyone cantry coffee from around the world. In addition, in “Mango” a drink of cheerfulness is served in interesting interpretations, for example, with creams from different fruits. The coffee house has only 2 rooms, the interior of each of which is represented by warm sand tones.

Where is the best coffee in Petersburg?

By the way, the bar here is reallyamazing, because it is made in the form of an African hut, which gives the institution originality. Address: Furshtatskaya Street, 52, Chernyshevskaya metro station. The coffee shop is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm, and the average bill here varies between 800 rubles per person. In addition, free Wi-Fi is available.

"Artemy Lebedev's Shop"

Discussing the best coffee houses in St. Petersburg,it is simply impossible not to mention the project of Artemy Lebedev, who in 2009 opened an excellent institution on Zhukovsky Street, 2. Here anyone can buy coffee from Peru, El Salvador, Honduras and other states. I wonder if you are ready to try an invigorating drink with chestnut honey or, for example, grapefruit juice? Maybe it seems like a wild nonsense, but it's really very tasty, as evidenced by hundreds of reviews.

In addition to coffee, in the "Artemy Lebedev's Shop" you canorder a variety of salads, appetizers, desserts, pasta, hot dishes and so on. By the way, sandwiches are also presented in the main menu. This coffee shop is open seven days a week from 9 am to 11 pm, and the nearest metro station is Mayakovskaya.


This institution can not be called just a coffee shop,because here you can try different types of tea. When there was a question about the name before the Directorate, I had to think for a long time, which resulted in the Rubai tea and coffee house.

Espresso coffee: reviews

The premises of the cafe are made in a classic easternstyle, and the muffled light and homely atmosphere set up for leisurely spending the evening with a cup of delicious coffee. The choice of this drink in "Rubai" is really great. In addition, the customer can also choose a cooking method.

This cafe is located on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and the Fontanka embankment (house 40) and is open every day from 11 to 5 o'clock in the morning. The average bill varies from 700-900 rubles.

To sum up

Today we discussed the top 10 coffee houses.St. Petersburg, where you can taste real coffee and delicious desserts, as well as other dishes. Feedback on all the projects listed above is positive in most cases. Sometimes, of course, there are negative comments that talk about overpriced, but you should not pay attention to it.

Have a good rest, good mood and delicious coffee!

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