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Recipes for coffee mates: coffee with ice cream, with liqueur, with cola

You may not be a gourmet in food, but if your favorite drink is coffee, you are not just a gourmet, but a coffee man. And this article is for you!

What can be more pleasant than freshly brewed strongcoffee? Is that cappuccino (with cream), moccasino (cream and chocolate), espresso, latte, American or other new recipe for this delicious, invigorating drink. Can you deny yourself such a pleasure, especially now that most of the myths about the dangers of coffee are dispelled (among the coffeemans there are fewer patients with cardiovascular diseases than the opponents of the drink!)? Of course, you can not!

How to be, if you do not have a cool coffee maker, you go every time to a cafe - you will not get money, but you want a refined drink?

Try to do this yourself!

Coffee with ice cream

Every nation has its own recipe for cookingcoffee drink. In Mexico and Japan it is cooked with cocoa powder. In Sicily - with lemon juice. In France, salt, however, then add more and cognac. Russian man liked coffee and ice cream. In hot or cold form - it is much tastier than a favorite cappuccino, moccasin, latte.

The taste of coffee with ice cream depends on the taste of theice cream. Of course, any you can not put into this tart drink. There are many recipes in which not only vanilla, but also raspberry, strawberry, blueberry ice cream may seem to be successful.

  1. The easiest way. Ice cream immediately dissolves in hot coffee, forming a delicious foam. It is decorated with a crumb of dark chocolate and immediately served. Ice cream cool down instant coffee, so drink it right away, until the foam dissolves.
  2. Basically all recipes of coffee with ice creammean its supply to the table in a cold state. This drink was called glasse (in translation - ice). According to the classic recipe, ice cream and brewed coffee combine 1 to 1, add a spoonful of sugar, whipped cream, and sometimes chocolate syrup. The taste of ice cream is preferable to chocolate, vanilla and especially coffee.
  3. Frappe - a cold cocktail from our beloveda tart drink, as well as ice cream, milk and syrup (chocolate, fruit or berry). To make it, you need a mixer. And the ice. You can decorate with whipped cream, slices of berries, fruit.

Coffee with liqueur

Besides coffee with ice cream, gourmets love to addin it liquor. How is this drink prepared? Also with ice cream! Liquor is more than a quarter of coffee, should not be in the cup. Otherwise it will not be a coffee drink, but alcohol. It is advisable to pour in only 1 tablespoon. Ice cream, by the way, and do not put. Lay ice, and instead of ice cream - vanillin and sugar.

Coffee with cola

Thanks to a special extravagant action onthe body became popular and the next original recipe with Coca-Cola. 1 cup of coffee, 0.8 cups of cola and a couple of spoons of cream - and an invigorating drink is ready! From him, incidentally, no benefit, more harm, but what a delicious!

There is a recipe with cola and ice cream! To a glass of cooled cooked coffee, add (in the ratio 1 to 1-mu) cola. We decorate with ice cream (preferably with a filling) and cinnamon.

Do not sow instant coffee instantly in a cola! This is an explosive mixture!

In occasion of strong and so beloved by manydrink has always been a lot of controversy. Someone strongly disagrees, putting forward existing and non-existing negative facts. Someone can not live without it. But it should be noted, according to the "main accusations" scientists have long ago "justified" coffee. Now more and more you can hear something good about this irreplaceable drink in modern life. It does not increase the pressure, but it activates the work of the brain, does not affect the heart, but promotes active burning of fats, if you drink a cup before training. Its useful properties are actively used in cosmetology. And how many delicious and varied recipes invented! So boldly go to your favorite coffee shop and see what's new for us prepared ...

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