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Hibiscus: useful properties of carcade tea

The plant hibiscus is known by various names. This is a Sudanese or Syrian rose, as well as ketmia. And in Russia this plant was given the name "Chinese rose". It belongs to the Malvian family, and now there are at least 250 of its species known. These are wild and cultivated plants, bushes and trees, perennial and annual grasses. These include hibiscus sabdarifa, hibiscus culinary (okra), hibiscus grassy and many other species.

Places of growth of hibiscus

Hibiscus useful properties

In the natural environment, this plant is found inCentral Asia, the Crimea, the Kuban, the Caucasus and Moldova. But the birthplace of hibiscus is Malaysia. Here it grows in the form of tall shrubs, and it is easy to recognize by the large flowers that have a dark purple corolla and large petals of bright red color. He also has a very bright aroma. And in moderate latitudes, hibiscus can be grown at home. What many gardeners are doing.

The spectrum of application of hibiscus

But the "Chinese Rose" is valued not only for itsbeautiful, exquisite appearance and aroma. Hibiscus, whose useful properties have been known for a long time, are used for a variety of purposes. The pharmaceutical industry uses seeds, leaves, roots and fruits of this plant. Of its seeds, produce unusual necklaces, and vitamin-rich leaves and shoots are suitable for eating. Even the purple flowers of the "Chinese Rose" are going to eat, and black dye is made from its dark flowers. Also from this plant is boiled an excellent tea, which everyone knows as hibiscus tea, karkade or mallow tea.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus at home

And make this tea from cups of flowers "Chineseroses ". After wilting, they grow and become several times larger, while acquiring a richness, softness and bright red color. And at the same time they are suitable not only for tea, but also for making sauces, compotes, jelly, for marinating vegetables, and as a food coloring. Well, in hibiscus, its useful properties are given in full force.

Anthocyanins and flavonoids

Ciccade contains anthocyanins, substances,staining this tea in red. In addition, anthocyanins have a pronounced P-vitamin activity. And with their help, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, blood pressure is regulated. But here it is worthwhile to know that cold karkade this pressure lowers, and hot, on the contrary, raises. Such an interesting plant is hibiscus. Useful properties of it have a beneficial effect on the tone and general condition of the whole organism. This is largely promoted by flavonoids, which are contained in the carcade. They increase the effect of anthocyanins, purifying the body. Moreover, extra products of metabolism are excreted from it, metabolism is accelerated, and bile production is stimulated, liver protection is strengthened.

Hibiscus herbaceous

Karkade will help with a hangover and protect against cancer

Still in tea from the Syrian rose there are substances,which destroy some pathogens. And therefore it is often used as an anthelmintic. There is also citric acid in it, which gives the carcade a pleasant taste, and it quenches thirst quite well on hot days. It also lacks oxalic acid, which makes it safe for kidney diseases. Linoleic acid is another substance that contains hibiscus. Its useful properties are expressed in the fact that this acid improves the skin condition, and under its influence less cholesterol plaques are formed. In addition, useful substances contained in the plant, can remove hangover syndrome. And the one who regularly drinks this tea, increases its immunity against cancer. Here it acts as a preventive agent, which does not allow cancer cells to develop.

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