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Eagle's Coffeehouses - overview of the best restaurants

This article provides an overview of the best eagle cafes. Among the variety of institutions of this nature, we have selected a few of the best, based on hundreds of reviews.

Coffee house "Owl" (Eagle)

Very popular place among young people,famous for its motto: "Take coffee with you? Take it with an owl!". To the aromatic freshly brewed coffee, you will be delighted to serve wonderful Viennese waffles of your own preparation. If desired, you can supplement the wafers with strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice cream, as well as topping, fruits, whipped cream and nut butter.

cafe owl eagle

Among the Eagle's coffee shops, the "Owl" is most often calledstudent cafes, thanks to their very nice prices, which really will be affordable even for students. For example, a cup of cappuccino in this coffee shop costs only 80 rubles. The menu is rich not only with classical, but also author's drinks and delicious desserts. Milkshakes, smoothies, cheesecakes - this and more can be tried at the Orel Coffee House - "Owl". There is a cafe at ul. Naugorskoe shosse, 40. The institution opens its doors to visitors from 9 am till 5 pm on weekdays and until 3 pm on Saturdays. On Sunday, the "Owl" does not work.

Coffee house "Coffee grinder" (Orel)

"Coffee grinder" is one of the few establishments inwho really know how to make quality coffee. Far from every Eagle's coffee house you can try such a fantastically tasty and aromatic drink. Thanks to a rather varied menu, which includes not only coffee, but also all kinds of smoothies, cocktails, toasts and pastries, you can have a good breakfast or a snack during the day.

coffee-house coffee grinder eagle

Very convenient is the presence of a child's corner, inwhich your kids can easily find entertainment for themselves while you are chatting for a cup of coffee. The average check of the institution varies from 300 to 900 rubles per person. A cup of cappuccino will cost from 120 to 150 rubles. In 2015, the cafe had a pleasant renovation of the design and expansion of the area almost twofold. In the coffee house, you can pay for the order in cash, there and with the help of a bank card. Address of the coffee house: st. Karachaevskaya, 12/3. The mode of work of the cafe: from 8.00 to 23.00 every day, without days off.

Coffee house Traveler "s coffee (Eagle)

The world chain of coffee houses in Orel has opened its own restaurantnot so long ago, but already managed to win its visitors with excellent coffee, desserts and business lunches. Unforgettable taste of coffee can be achieved through cooperation with the best plantations and the excellent work of a professional barista.

Coffee, desserts, pasta, regular promotions and seasonalmenu, as well as excellent service - something for which coffee shops like thousands of people around the world. That's why among the Eagle Coffee Shops Traveler's coffee takes a special place.The institution is perfect not only for a friendly get-together in a pleasant company, but also for a business meeting.The coffee shop always has Wi-Fi, which is undoubtedly convenient for those who require a permanent access to the Internet.

coffee shops

Not only that, you can buy coffee beansany grind right in the restaurant or order it from the online store of the coffee shop. One of the important advantages is the possibility of paying by bank card along with cash. The coffee shop is located at: ul. Lenin 32/34. Working hours: from 8.00 to 00.00 every day.

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