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Delicious duck breast recipe

Always interesting is the familiar dishes to cookin a new way. Recipe duck breast knows every hostess, but not in one variation. In addition, there are certain conditions that it is desirable to perform. After a poultry meat, if improperly prepared, can become stiff, dry or even rubbery.

duck breast recipe

Duck breast recipe in wine

To make a duck soft and juicy, there is one good way. Soak her night in wine. So, the recipe for cooking duck breasts:

  • The necessary number of breasts should be put in a deep container and filled with wine. Any, to your taste. For meat to be juicier, you can take two kinds of wine: white and red.
  • After a night at room temperature, salt and pepper the breasts.
  • Make cuts and put in them slices of oranges.
  • Put in a deep scallop and pour the wine in which the duck was soaked.
  • From above, sprinkle with chopped herbs.
  • Remove to the oven for cooking until ready (40-60 minutes).

You can serve with any side dish. For example, with rice and vegetables. They can be poured into the duck.

recipe for cooking duck breasts
Duck breast recipe in juice

Every housewife knows that pineapples soften a bird no worse than lemons or oranges. But the fact that pineapple juice has the same properties, not everyone guesses. So, the recipe for a duck breast in juice:

  • The bird is gutted and cut off the breast.
  • Soak it in pineapple juice for half an hour. It is better to take freshly squeezed. But if there is no possibility, juice from canned pineapple will also suit.
  • In a deep container, mix fruits: pear, pineapple, apple and orange. All finely chopped and juicy.
  • Place the breasts there, put the fruit in the notches.
  • Mix the black pepper, clove, coriander and salt.
  • Thoroughly grease the mixture with the breast.
  • Pour the juice and put into the oven until cooked.

As a side dish to this dish is well suitedsweet potatoes, crumpled in puree. You can add gravy from the duck. Very delicious is this dish and with vegetable stew. The number of ingredients to choose according to how many servings the dish is preparing.

Duck breast recipe in coffee

This dish does not suit every gourmet. It has a specific taste and aroma, but, for example, in Japan it enjoys a particularly high demand. So, the recipe for a duck breast in coffee:

duck breast recipe photo

  • Duck rubbed with a mixture of salt and sugar.
  • In the breast make round holes.
  • In them to fall asleep ground coffee.
  • Pour the cream into the deep container of the breast.
  • Sprinkle with chopped herbs and grated cheese.
  • Cook in an oven or deep frying pan over low heat.

Serve this dish only with rice. He will give him a special aftertaste. The recipe is contraindicated for those who do not tolerate coffee or any other ingredient. The peculiarity is that before preparing the breast, there is no need to soak, they are already juicy and soft.

Deciding what to cook for dinner, pay attention tonamely the bird. It is easily digested, does not contain substances that cause heaviness in the abdomen. Naturally, if there are moderately duck breasts. Recipes, photos of which can be seen in this article, combine all the elements that a person needs. Breasts in wine are tasty, easy to prepare and incredibly rich. In the juice - give strength and energy. In coffee - original.

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