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The Stone of Aquarius: What will the horoscope tell?

Today, various horoscopes are very popular,which, however, is a very ancient phenomenon. Once their compilation was a matter of state importance, and it was entrusted to astrologers who were on the royal service.

Horoscope is a prediction of the fate of man,based on the observation of the interposition of heavenly bodies. There are many types of horoscopes. For example, a horoscope made up at the time of birth is called natal. He gives a description of the fate of the person as a whole. With the help of a karmic horoscope, one can uncover the mystery of past incarnations. The compatibility horoscope will tell you how the relationship with a partner born under this or that sign of the zodiac will develop.

Another very interesting speciesappears a jewelry horoscope, revealing the connection of a precious stone with the signs of the zodiac. With the help of this horoscope you can, for example, find out which precious stones are suitable for Aquarius. After all, it was believed from ancient times that stones can heal, bring good luck. But, having beneficial properties for one person, they can at the same time be completely useless for another, so their selection should be taken seriously.

Thus, the traditionally happy stones of Aquarius arediamond, opal, sapphire, aquamarine, alexandrite. In general, since people born under this sign of the zodiac are creative people, the energy of their personality constantly needs an outlet. Stones, acting as a kind of talismans, are able to direct the forces of Aquarius into a constructive channel and help them in their life self-realization.

Another stone of Aquarius is a garnet, whose colorgamma includes shades from dark red to slightly yellowish. It symbolizes true love and strong friendship, therefore it is also used for magical purposes - for awakening a reciprocal feeling in another person. Grenades of the same color are associated with the appearance of courage, the strengthening of one's own will and the increase of self-esteem. In addition, this semiprecious stone has, in the opinion of lithotherapists, a curative effect that can manifest itself in reducing heat, getting rid of sore throats, migraines, skin diseases and allergies.

The most favorable stone of Aquarius is amethyst. According to legends, he gives his owner luck, protects against evil eye and diseases. Also, amethyst will help in the fight against insomnia, if you put it under a pillow. Still they say that it is able to portend a bad weather, changing its color. Finally, amethyst is widely used in meditative practices, as it is believed to be the connecting link between worlds.

Zircon is also the stone of Aquarius, whichperfectly suited as an amulet. This is a fairly rare stone, distinguished by its transparency and beauty. It can be red, yellow, green or blue. Zircon improves thinking ability, memory, helps in achieving emotional balance, gives its owner confidence in life and optimism, and is also a talisman in travel. In addition, it is believed that this stone contributes to recovery in the treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the liver and pituitary.

Sapphire symbolizes wisdom. It is the stone of Aquarius, which gives its master the gift of foresight. He is also an amulet and brings happiness.

Aquamarine can help with problems withdigestive system, allergies, skin and lung diseases. It is believed that this stone eliminates the effect of seasickness. In addition, using it, you can predict the weather: the aquamarine tarnishes to rage.

Finally, do not forget about quartz - one of thethe most common minerals on the globe. It is useful to wear jewelry from this stone for problems with the chest and respiratory system. Pink quartz normalizes the nervous system and is useful in diseases of the spine.

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