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How Orthodox Christians are baptized. Orthodox Cross and Eternal Life

How Orthodox Christians Are Baptized

The first three, together folded, fingers of the rightpalms denote the cross of the Lord, namely faith in God the Father, in God the Son and in the Holy Spirit. The other two fingers of the right hand are the two natures of Christ: the human and the divine (Christ the Man-God). If we describe how the Orthodox are baptized in more detail, then this is the case: we fold the fingers of the right hand: a large, index and middle ends to each other, symbolizing the one Holy Trinity. The other two fingers: the ring finger and the little finger - are pressed as tightly as possible to the palm of your hand, embodying the convergence of the Son of God from heaven to earth. When we overshadow ourselves with the sign of the cross, we press the folded fingers to the four points on our body. To sanctify our mind, we apply the cross of the Lord (three fingers) to the forehead, to consecrate the heart and the senses - to the womb, to sanctify the body forces - to the right, and then to the left shoulder.

how Orthodox are baptized
Consider how the Orthodox are baptized not inthe time of public worship. In this case, during the performance of the sign of the cross, it is necessary to pronounce the words, blessing a certain zone of our body (as was mentioned above): "In the name of the Father (consecrate the forehead) and the Son (we consecrate the stomach) and the Holy (sanctify the right shoulder) Spirit (we consecrate the left shoulder). Amen ", - we lower the right hand and bow.

Why Orthodox are baptized right to left

The fact is that our right shoulder is a paradise withsaved souls, and the left - the place of those who perish, hell and purgatory for demons and sinners. That is, when we are baptized, then we ask God for our reckoning to the fate of the saved souls, delivering from the fate of those burning in hell.

Orthodox cross

On this main symbol of Christianity was onceJesus Christ is executed. He was crucified in the name of the atonement for the sins of the world. The Orthodox cross is centered on church power and power, this all-conquering spiritual instrument. It is believed that it is the cross that scares off all sorts of evil spirits (for example, vampires), and if it is applied to the unclean, then, like a brand, it will burn its skin.

Orthodox cross
People far from the church call orthodoxcross the instrument of the execution of Jesus Christ, reproaching Christians that they worship this instrument. But this is nothing more than philistine talk. Orthodox Christians do not worship the implements of execution, but the Cross to the Life-giving (the symbol of Eternal Life), for Jesus Christ, crucified on him, atoned for our sins with his sufferings.

Immortal life

Jesus was crucified on the cross. We see this. Paradoxically, in the crucified Christ the Eternal Life is the same. That is why the Orthodox cross is a tree that gives life. It's not for nothing that each of us receives the cross of Christ at baptism, wearing it all his life around his neck.

why the Orthodox are baptized
This is the personification of the weapons of spiritual struggle, the symbolour salvation and confession. Praying and addressing the Lord, an Orthodox Christian asks God to protect him and his loved ones from illness, from enemies, from impure ones, and so on.

So, in this article we have made a short effortdescribe how Orthodox Christians are baptized, and also told you about the Orthodox cross and Eternal Life, which he personifies. We hope that our article was useful for you.

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