/ / We leaf through the dream book: to kill a man - to sadness and despondency

We leaf through the dream book: to kill a person - to sadness and despondency

dream to kill a man

Each of us had nightmares. An unpleasant residue from such dreams remains for the whole day. Did you ever dream of killing a person or an animal? I wonder what this image means? Can a person who dreams like that do it in real life? Curiously, as the dream book interprets: killing a person in a dream means that very soon you will witness a crime in reality. Let's see if this is so. After all, different dream books interpret different dreams in different ways. This article is devoted to this topic.

kill a man

Dream Interpretation: killing a person - to sadness and despondency

Most sonnics say that killing indream is a harbinger of sadness and sorrow that await you in the near future. Your financial situation may be seriously shaken. This will force you to look for dubious sources of income. That's only to do this you will not be alone, but by the hands of others. But the payment for these sins is waiting for everyone, and soon you will have to answer all the strictness of the law. But there are times when killing a person in a dream is a good sign. It is a question of such dreams, where you kill a person or an animal, escaping from an attack. You do not dream about it by accident. Your subconscious mind is set to fight with your opponent. You can be sure, in this case, victory will be on your side. You are waiting for success and recognition in society.

Esoteric dream about a murder in a dream

But different sources interpret dreams differentlymurders. Although it is still possible to trace a single trend in their interpretation. This is how the esoteric dream book treats: to kill a person in a dream - to swift changes in his personal life. If you are dreaming that you are killing a person, most likely, you are trying to break the long bored relationship with a partner. Your desire is so strong that in the near future it will happen. But if you dream that you are being killed, you can interpret it in different ways. If the criminal has triumphed over you, expect misfortunes, you will soon be crying, and if you escaped death and defeated your opponent, wait for victories in reality.

kill a man in a dream

Murder in a dream according to the dream book of Tsvetkov

But how explains such visionsTsvetkova: killing a person in a dream is a good change in life, for joy and prosperity. It's strange, is not it? Well, the better for you: do not be afraid of nightmares. Sometimes they promise and something good. And this source says that if you see yourself in a dream killed, then you will find joy. He does not specify exactly what will bring it to you, but the fact that one should not expect bad changes in life is already good. Do you see clothes that are smeared with blood in a dream? Do not be afraid, this is a harbinger of the fact that you literally "fall" mad money!

Sowing suicide? Think!

Did you dream of suicide? This is a serious reason to think about your self-sufficiency and independence. Most likely, you are very unhappy with yourself. Think about it, maybe you showed weakness or cowardice somewhere. And now it does not give you rest. And, maybe, you just "boiled" at heart from the worries experienced. Share your thoughts with a loved one, and, you see, you will immediately feel better.


Thus, dreams of murder can be interpretedas forerunners of the fact that it's time to change something in life. You are trying to get rid of the bored past, long for change. But this is how the dream book says: to kill a person is to despair and longing. In any case, do not give in to the feeling of fear, it's just a dream. In a few days you will simply forget about it.

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