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Prayers and conspiracies from enemies

You need to be a pure angel, so that you do not haveill-wishers. And that is not necessary. So life is arranged. The interests of people collide, generating waves of anger and subsequent aggressive actions. Therefore, conspiracies from enemies - a very demanded thing. And they began to use them in ancient times. Do you need such knowledge? Then we proceed to study.

conspiracies from enemies

Why do we need conspiracies "protection from enemies"?

Of course, the question is a bit strange. Any first-grader will answer: "So that no one can cause harm." So, in principle, there is. However, one should understand what exactly is considered a harm in this case. Plots from enemies help not to erect a wall or a man of evil intent to hit the "gay fire". You see, they do not build material bastions, but energy ones. And they act double-edged. This means that even the person himself, including not only the surrounding "builders" of intrigue. This theory is perfectly mastered by those who believe in prayers. Conspiracy from enemies, which is especially important, mentally empowers the reader with "invisible forces". In a simple way, gives self-confidence. And, of course, it unfolds enemy intrigues against ill-wishers. But the former is much more powerful. Man, by and large, does not always realize that he himself attracts negative people and circumstances, with thoughts and feelings "screaming" into space: "I am a victim, attack!" Conspiracies from enemies take away this destructive state. Let's just say - "turn off the microphone."

conspiracy from enemies at work

How to Read Plots

A little acquainted with the philosophy of this partmagic, you can begin to practice. But here, as in school, it is necessary to solve the problem only after studying the basic law, the assimilation of concepts. After all, not in a notebook writing - you build a fortune! Therefore, it is desirable to beware of "mistakes" and mistakes. Plots from enemies, as a rule, are in demand in various circumstances. Sometimes people fall into a critical situation suddenly. Then he needs a formula for quick action. Much more often people for a while are immersed in a hostile environment in one of the spheres of their lives. Clearly, they need constant protection. In these cases, various rituals and conspiracies are used. We will talk with you about those and about others. First, let's list the general rules for reading. They are as follows:

  • calm down and, if possible, create a positive mood;
  • speak clearly, confidently, slowly;
  • say the words in a voice at least in a whisper, but causing a vibration in the air;
  • try to imagine the energies involved in the process.

a strong conspiracy from enemies

The last rule is for those who are serious about magical practices. It is difficult to stick to it. However, if you learn, no one will ever be able to hurt you!

Conspiracy from enemies at work

A place of service for most people is necessary formaintenance of material well-being, realization of talents and abilities. And I do not want to go there, if there were ill-wishers there! They spoil everything, including reducing possible incomes. It is recommended not to waste energy on external struggle with people who are absolutely incapable of understanding you, but to read the plot. Protection from enemies at work is an individual matter. That is, it is desirable to conduct the ritual for yourself personally, not trusting his relatives or friends. Especially since it's a trifling matter. Before going to the service, take the gold thing and say the formula on it. Put on yourself or attach to clothing. Words such: "Through forty magpies I get rid of shackles. My spears and words are flying away from me. The golden-domed domes of the shine for the devil are not new. The devils always ran from him, sorcerers in sorrow. I shine myself, I send blackness away! Amen! "So it is necessary to slander the same ornament for seven days. Then you also wear it. Gossips and envious people will forget about you. Another topic for themselves will be found.

conspiracy defense from enemies

Quick protection

If you met a famous enemy or an accidental"Black eye", then the previous method will not work. Do you agree? He requires training. It is suggested to use a strong conspiracy from the enemies. It's good that his action is instantaneous. And it's bad, because you should be able to concentrate. The formula is simple. You need to mentally say: "Lord, all your will!" They all know. And the magic lies in the organization of energy flows. You should feel, as from the sky (from the Lord) through you there is a powerful stream of energy. He does not stop in the aura, but leaves in the ground. Speak the forum while peering at this light energy. It will wash away any evil that is directed toward you. And if this does not work, then say other words. They are: "Saint Nicholas, protect me! Left and right, for you it's fun. Behind and ahead of me, amorous charms! Amen! "The last formula will protect for a while. But the first option is very good. Learn to see the energy, no enemies will come close. They themselves will be the tenth way to bypass.

prayer conspiracy from enemies

We use the forces of nature

The ancient Slavs, as is known, were peoplenon-aggressive. But they also tried to protect themselves from external threats. For this, their gods were attracted, that they possessed powerful forces. For example, from the attack of evil people it was necessary to pronounce a special formula for the lightning. It is: "Perun, thunderer! Defend your village and your children's houses with the fiery sword from the forces of the enemy! Drive out the villainous tribe from the ways leading to us! Amen! "If the situation is such that there is no time to wait for a natural electric discharge, then pronounce the words of the plot on fire. Only the strength of the conspiracy will be proportional to the flame. For example, you can use a candle from a gossip. And if the enemy appears stronger, tries to destroy your career, take away the opportunity to earn money, then bravely light a fire. The higher and stronger it is, the more forces will be in the conspiracy.

Stepanova's conspiracy against enemies

Let's now look at the problem with anotherside. After all, it is not necessary to encounter your ill-wishers. Combat can be avoided. To do this, only the "invisibility cap" is to be found. It offers in his works a sorceress Natalya Stepanova. Its idea is that it is necessary to be transferred to a different, more positive reality, remaining in our physical dimension. Enemies will not see you from their position, therefore, they can not do any harm. Speak so on any toilet item: "Me, Lord, for health, remember, and cover my enemies!" Stand the Angels behind your back, hide the worms with wings. Invisible tent build, from the evil sorcerer save! Amen! "You should say it three times. Then wear these clothes (ornaments). And if you decide to change the outfit, read the plot again.

conspiracy defense from enemies at work

Conspiracy, so that the enemy lagged behind

Some magicians prefer a different tactic of struggle. In addition to protective rituals, they are practiced by attackers. The point is to act on a well-known person in such a way that she has forgotten past evil thoughts and has taken up her problems. The plot is read in the photo of the enemy or any item belonging to him. The words are as follows: "I send my fear and anger to (the name of the enemy), let him gnaw it, like a wicked lion. Do not escape from it not to hide, even in the ocean not drown. He drives you along the roads, from my side a little. Bones gnaw, flesh is oppressive, no one will sweep it from you. How harmless and weak is the baby, so you are weak, my enemy and captive. You will not offend anybody. Otherwise you will see your grave. Amen! "Sometimes such ill-wishers come across clingy and stubborn, that it is recommended to combine conspiracies. Want - all use. They do not interfere with each other, even, on the contrary, they help.

To protect the house

If neighbors squeeze or get angry"Girlfriends" shit in the house, then another rite is recommended. You need to go to the park (forest) on the waning moon and to tear off three branches from the aspen. Go with them home. There, mark the walls and floors, pronouncing the formula. Branches then burn. And the words are as follows: "Three princes ruled the country. They were ransacked by an evil demon. They began to fight, to grab for the chubs, until they had to part with the blood. They sat down on three corners. Yes, they arranged a demon for the carrion. Gonjali, that there is a spirit, yet has not failed in proruhu. Princes in the house I cry, I invite the demons. Become round and watch. Enemy the enemy, take care of your friend! Amen! "Moreover, prayer does not prevent people from reading to believers. Not all the same conspiracy to protect yourself. From enemies fit: "Our Father", "May God Risen!", A prayer to the Angel - the keeper.

a conspiracy against the enemy

Some magical subtleties

When they decided to defend themselves against external enemies,consider the following. They, ill-wishers and wreckers, do not just appear in life. The person himself calls them, not understanding, perhaps, this. You should check yourself. Are there any thoughts of evil intentions or desires? Get rid of those immediately. They do not need any person. It is a pity to spend life on the negative. So much around interesting and joyful! Then the enemies will be much less. Do not have time to look back, your eyes will open and it turns out that the former "viper" - people are good and decent. As postman Pechkin said: "I did not have a bicycle, so I got angry!" Many miracles happen around, if you believe in good. Good luck!

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