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Interpretation: bear brown. Why does a terrible beast dream?

As the dream book says, the brown bear symbolizesgreat power and might. And it does not matter whether this dream is interpreted positively or negatively by a particular source. However, for proper interpretation, all the details of sleep must be taken into account.

Сонник медведь brown
Dreamwriter Zhou-Hunn

Seen in a dream, the bear is a happy omen - the dream portends the birth of a noble descendant.

Ukrainian Dream Book: Bear Brown

Vision promises to win. To get to the bear in the clutches - to property losses and high expenses. Dancing animal - to get a loan. Dreaming of the beast - beware of danger. Bear's hide dreams of riches. There is animal meat - for the wedding in the family.

Dream interpretation Grishina

If a girl in a dream sees a bear, she awaits her awakeA marriage or friendship with a rude ignoramus. The animal's pet is dreaming of trouble. Kill the beast - to defeat the enemy. There is a bear meat - to take advantage of the property of the enemy. If a person drinks a bear's milk in a dream, it means that in real life he will have trouble. A sleeping person can be reproached with bread or a humiliating mercy or pity from the enemy is waiting for him. Running away from the beast - for a girl to marry, and for a man - to become the object of the pursuit of enemies.

English dream book: bear brown

This dream is a foretell of serioustroubles. The sleeper can be hurt by some powerful enemy. The traveler can overtake problems and tests on the journey, but his goal will be achieved. Shoot the beast and kill it - to defeat a very strong and terrible enemy.

Dream Interpretation Bear
American Dream Book: Bear Brown

Such a dream symbolizes great power and power.

The Dream of Azar

Bear in a dream means a rough, unrestrained and very dangerous enemy in reality, and therefore is a warning.

Russian Dream Book: The Brown Bear

This dream says that the dreamer needs to prepare for a wedding or a meeting with his destiny.

Family Dream Book

When a bear attacks a sleeper, in reality it issymbolizes a strong enemy who wants to destroy him. If a person's actions are wise and calculated, he can avoid this danger. If the beast escapes from the dreamer - to minor troubles that can be easily dealt with. If the animal calls for a person and takes him somewhere to the forest or to the stream, then in real life the collective may change because of the fact that someone will make a lot of efforts to entice you to another job. However, it is necessary to agree to the proposal, only carefully weighing everything. Otherwise, you can lose an existing position, while the new one will not like it.

Mythological dream: to see a bear in a dream

This dream can be associated with a friend, helper, support, winnings and weddings.

In a dream, see a bear

Dream Interview by Denise Lynn

When a person dreams a bear - this isa sign that in his life there can come a quiet period of reflection, after which the spiritual revival of the person will begin. This dream can also personify the power and strength of the mother's instinct. The mother-bear has an incredible aggressive power when her cubs need protection. Perhaps the sleeper has something to protect in real life.

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