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Ace of Swords (Tarot): the meaning and interpretation of the card

There are many prediction methodsfate, which allow not only to know their future, but also to find solutions to various problems. Having learned what awaits him, a person can avoid or prevent negative situations, not be deceived in judgments about others and make his life a little better. The most popular type of fortune-telling is the laying out of a deck of tarot cards. Each of them has a lot of interpretations, it all depends on the situation, the layout and the neighboring maps.

Description of the map Ace of Swords

Basically, this card represents a hand thatcoming out of the clouds. In it is compressed the massive hilt of the sword raised upward. On the edge of this weapon is attached a crown, decorated with olive and palm branches. The mountains are depicted as a background.

Ace of Tarot swords
This card represents the embodiment of the idea of ​​the triumph of forces. It reflects the power of spirit and will, physical strength, authority and authority.

The value of the map in the forward position

If in normal cases the map is located directly,The Ace of Swords (Tarot) is important, reflecting the clarity and the absence of contradictions. She talks about the ability to make good decisions. This card indicates awareness of the situation, provides clarification of small details and an understanding of what steps need to be taken further. In addition, this lasso clarifies the situation in which a person must urgently understand and understand why it originated.

ace of tarot swords meaning in relationships

It is also worth noting that this card canto portray the birth of a new family member or the emergence of ideas. In any case, what happened will undoubtedly change the life of the one to whom they are guessing, thoroughly and completely. This means that if this map appears in the layout, shortly there will be absolutely unexpected events.

The value of the arcana in the inverted position

Inverted position of the Ace of Sword (Tarot) card: value opposite to the direct position of the given lasso. If this card fell in divination, then the person is expected to have difficulties in implementing the plans conceived, the goals may not be achieved, or their achievement will be very difficult. In addition, the card is able to report that the hope of success can be meaningless, deadlock and unattainable.

the significance of the tarot card of swords
If we consider the level of events, the valuearcana speaks of domestic quarrels, difficulties in the educational process, the lack of solutions and solutions from a difficult situation, the inability to cope with the problem. In addition, this card can talk about success, but the consequences of achieving this goal will turn into something very bad. As they say, the game in this case not only did not cost the candles, but also brought losses, and the person to whom they are guessing can regret their success.

Career breakdown, straight arcana position

In the situation, this junior arkan fell in a straightposition. In this case, it is worth mentioning that the Ace of Swords (Tarot) has the most positive meaning. A person is well versed in his business, understands what is at stake and what decisions must be taken in this or that situation. In addition, he is able to quickly navigate in a problem situation and quickly solve this nuance, no matter how confusing it may be. This card symbolizes the severity and division, so it can be interpreted as a call consciously and deliberately move to another place of work. In addition, the card speaks about good analytical skills, success in developing new projects, interesting ideas and solutions on the working front.

Reversed card Sword of Swords (Tarot): meaning in fortune telling to work

As in the usual hands, the inverted positioncard has the opposite meaning. In other words, if, in the scenario of a career, this card falls in an inverted form, it means that commercial and business projects may become a failure, and all new undertakings will be accompanied by rather unfavorable circumstances. Perhaps, the plans are rather short-sighted, and new projects are of doubtful character. Already concluded contracts can be violated, and you can also expect betrayal from employees and business partners.

Divination by health, card in a straight position

If a person is sick and he is told about recovery,then the value of the Tarot cards of the Swords, dropped out in the direct position, is a positive dynamics in the health of the one to whom they are guessing. In other words, his condition is improving, and this process will only develop positively. However, it is possible that a person can cut himself or get a minor injury at a household level.

Inverted position in divination by health

If this card is rolled upside down, then itsthe value is negative. It heralds the need for surgery. However, there is no certainty that the operation will be successful. It is possible that there will be complications after treatment. This card indicates a negative dynamics of the state of health of the person on whom the alignment is made.

Direct position of the card Ace of Tarot Swords, meaning in love

In divination, which talk about love affairsand relations between people, Ace of Swords, which falls in a direct position, indicates the possibility of a serious conversation in the near future. This card may mean that soon there will be more freedom in the relationship and a problem that has been hidden for a long time and from the depth of the negative impact on both people will be overcome. If the guessing did not have an understanding with the person, then it is possible that soon he will find a common language with him, he will be able to find the right approaches for rapprochement and establishing contact.

ace of Tarot swords meaning in love
It should be borne in mind that when guessing the Ace of Swords (Tarot), the value in the relationship has enough symbolic - clarity and sobriety in decision-making. Therefore, if the relationship was built on illusions and lies, then soon it will open, and the union can be terminated.

If we consider events, then this lasso can mean the appearance of a new lover soon after the break, which has already occurred or will be very soon.

Inverted lasso in love hands

If in the hands of love and relationships thisthe arkan falls in an inverted position, then there is a negative value of the Tarot Ace of Swords card. Interpretation of the Tarot card in this case is as follows: usually she talks about long and emotionless quarrels, perhaps someone harbored resentment, angry.

value of the tarot card ace of swords interpretation of tarot cards
But the situation is not solved, the negativein the relations only grows, and there is already no possibility to solve this problem. In addition, the card can talk about excessive directness and scandals, pointing to the intricacies and complexity of the relationship.

Ace of Swords, interpretation in divination by personality

If by means of this lasso determinepersonal characteristics of a person, then it reports the presence of spiritual strength, discipline, and excellent physical characteristics. But at the same time a person, whose description is expressed by the direct position of Ace of Swords, is impulsive and irritable enough.

interpretation of the meaning of the tarot card of the sword of the swords in fortune-telling
If the arkan falls in reverse, in an inverted position, it means that the person who is guessing is very cruel and unfair, he is used to storing all the emotions inside himself.

Map of the day

By virtue of its symbolism, the interpretation, the meaning of the mapTarot Ace of Swords, when divined as a day card, indicates the appearance of new brilliant ideas. They can help solve old problems or understand the complicated old situation. At the same time, the card helps not only to understand the essence of the issue, but also to find wise solutions with the maximum benefit for the person on whom the alignment is done.

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