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The MonkMartyr Anastasia Romlyanyna

During the persecution of Christians much has sufferedtrue believers in Jesus. The pagans tortured and executed the disciples of Christ, his followers. This martyrdom and the bride of Christ did not pass. Anastasia Romnyanya also counted them. By faith and truth she served the Lord and did not abandon him even under the most terrible torture. Killed in agony and was ranked as a saint.

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Anastasia Romlyanyna. Life in the monastery

During the reign of King Decius in 249-251,when the military commander was Provo, not far from Rome there was a little-known solitary nunnery. Several postnits were staged in it, among which was the virtuous abbess Sophia. At one time she greeted the blessed girl Anastasia from the city of Rome, who for three years was left without a father and mother. Sofia herself brought up the girl, taught her all the virtues. In works, feats, feasts, Anastasia was the most righteous, the best in the monastery. At the age of twenty she became a real beauty. The glory of its beauty came to Rome, many citizens of the noble family wished to take Anastasia as their wife. But the holy virgin honored Christ, became his bride. Day and night she spent in prayer and no one wanted to give her virginity. More than once the devil attempted to take the virgin away from her equanogels life, inclined to pleasures in the world, confused with wicked thoughts, deceit, and other tricks. But in no way did the serpent succeed in seducing Anastasia, the power of the faith of Christ protected her.

Having no power over the virgin, the devil slanderedon her earthly cruel tormentors. In those days, strong persecution of Christians began. The warring, unbelieving pagans slandered the virtuous maiden before the military commander Prov. Having come to this wicked man, they told that he lives in the monastery Anastasia Romlyanyna - a beauty, who is not in the world, but mocking and rejecting all honest men, considers herself the bride of the crucified Christ.

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Mother Sofia's instructions

Hearing stories about the beauty of the girl, Priv sentsoldiers in the monastery, so that they brought her. Immediately they went there, axes broke open the doors. The frightened novices fled, but Mother Sofia did not release Anastasia. She told the virgin that her hour had come, she must accept the martyr's crown for the groom of her Christ. She took care of her and brought up from three years only for the wedding with the Lord.

Sophia came out to the warriors who had broken in, asked whothose are looking. To which they answered that they need Anastasia Romlyanya, her military leader is waiting for Prov. Mother Superior asked for time to assemble the girl, dress up, so that she liked the master. The servants believed them. Sofia, meanwhile, adorned Anastasia with worldly clothes, and equipped her with spiritual beauties. She introduced her to the church, put her in front of the altar and began to inspire her with crying that the virgin was to show her true faith and love for the Lord, to become faithful to Christ's bride. Anastasia was not to let glamor and gifts seduce herself. She should not be afraid of temporary bodily agony, which will lead her to eternal peace. The hall of her bridegroom was opened before Anastasia, her crown was gossiped for her, and let her, who had been stained with blood, tested all the bodily tortures, would appear before her Lord. To stand firmly for the faith bequeathed Sophia to her disciple, not to spare life, then her soul will ascend.

Strong faith of Anastasia

On all the instructions of the Mother Superior of Sofia AnastasiaRomans Solunsky replied that she was ready to go to the end to prove her love for Christ. I am ready to endure all the trials and bodily agony in order to reunite with my heavenly husband.

For more than two hours the servants waited for Anastasia. Without waiting, they broke into the church and saw that the maiden was not dressed in dresses, but was conversing with her mother tenderly. They seized it then, they chained it and led it into the city to the commander. She stood before him and her eyes directed at the sky, lips whispered a prayer. Everyone was amazed at the beauty of her.

Proven suggested that Anastasia renounce the crucified,accept worldly life. Immediately she was promised to find a worthy husband, so that she lived in wealth and glory, gave birth to children, rejoiced in the blessings of the earth. To which the virgin firmly assured that this proposal does not entice her, she will not renounce her faith, her heavenly bridegroom Jesus Christ. And if it were possible, she would have experienced it for the sake of him a hundred times.

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Torture and death of the martyr

The military commander ordered to beat Anastasia in the face,saying whether she should respond to the lord of the noble. After the beating, in order to confound the girl, they ripped off all her clothes. In disgrace, this holy Anastasia Romlanyan with a proud look replied that let the torturers cover her body with clothing made of blood, she is ready to withstand any test for her faith.

On the order of Prova, she was crucified between the pillars andtied down face. On her back, she was beaten with sticks, and from the bottom burned with fire. Anastasia, under torture, gasping for breath, only said: "Have mercy on me, Lord ..." The executioners were tired of these tortures, the virgin continued to pray. Then, taking it off the pillars, they tied it to the wheel, rotating it, broke all the bones and tore the veins, all the time Anastasia raised her eyes to heaven and asked the Lord that he would not leave her, seeing torture, he ranked as the holy martyrs.

The body of the virgin was tortured for a long time. Cut off her arms and legs. Flowing blood, she continued to give glory to the Lord, then wrested her tongue. Even the assembled townspeople were amazed at the cruelty, they began to murmur. The commander then ordered Anastasia to be taken out of the city and cut off her head, leave unburied for tearing animals.

By God's providence the body was holy untouched. In the morning, his frail Sophia found him. Long she sobbed over the body, she did not know how to bring it to the place and bury it. Miraculously, two virtuous husbands were sent to help her, who collected the body in pieces, were bundled into a shroud, taken to a place of honor and, glorifying the Lord, buried Anastasia.

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During the reign of Diocletian, she sufferedthe Great Martyr Anastasia the Usobelitelnitsa. Ancient hagiographic works do not clearly share information about two virgins - Anastasia Romlyanyni and the Uzozreshitelnitsa. Accordingly, they are called in the church by the Elder and Younger Anastasia. Until now, can not accurately determine the attribution of images, relics dedicated to the temples. On a number of sources of Constantinople, Anastasia Romlyanyni's day is celebrated on October 12. But at the same time Byzantine calendars indicate the day of memory of the saint on October 29.

In Russia, the earliest mention of veneration of a virginAnastasia Romlanyni refers to October 29, based on the data of the month of Arkhangelsk Gospel (1092), as well as the Mstislav Gospel (late 11th century). At the beginning of the XII century. In Russia, the translation of the inconsequential Prolog was carried out, a short life of the saint here mentions the date of birth on October 12. Memorial Day is indicated on 29 October.

The second edition of this Prologue already in the XIII centuryInstead of the life of Anastasia Romlanyni, the description of Anastasia the Obscenitelnitsa. Here, on October 30, the life of Anastasia Solunskaya is described. The Great Menaion of Chetyi describes the detailed life of Anastasia Romlyanyni, entitled "The Life of Anastasia of Solun."

Saint Anastasia Romany


The Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin in its inventory in 1680 mentions an ark containing the particles of the relics of Anastasia Romlyanyni.

In 1860 the Archbishop of Volyn delivered inZhytomyr gift from Antiochian Patriarch Hierotheos - it was the head of the holy virgin Anastasia. She was bequeathed to Zhitomir. The head of Anastasia was accessible to all believers, Archbishop Anthony took care of this. In 1903, by order of the Holy Synod, the head of Anastasia Romlyanyni was transferred to the Transfiguration Cathedral in Zhytomyr. In the cathedral, in its basement part, the St. Anastasievsky temple was opened. It was here that, for the time being, the relics of the holy virgin in the luxurious cypress cancer were stored. The MonkMartyr Anastasia of Romanyan guarded the people during the Great Patriotic War. Only in 1999 in Zhitomir the monastery of Anastasia Romlyanyni was opened.

 Anastasia Romany's Life


In different editions of the Student Charterdifferent services: on October 29 they serve Anastasia Romlyanyni and Abraham the Recluse. And in the Evergeti Typikon the service is indicated with "Hallelujah", in Messinsky - both saints release the general troparia, that is, the service immediately to two without a sign. The Typicon of 1610 and the one that is now used in the Russian Orthodox Church also prescribes the service on October 29 without a sign to the two saints.

The prayer of Anastasia Romlanyni, pronounced instrong faith, helps and protects those who pray. In the Slavonic and Greek liturgical Menaises, which are used today, Anastasia's service is placed with the canon of Joseph, which is indicated in the Evergeti Typikon. In the same Typicon the body of stichera is indicated, it is also located in the Greek Minnea, slightly different from the Slavic. The common troparion "Your Lamb, Jesus" is in the Slavic Minne, listed in the Messinic Tipicon.


In Old Russian and Byzantine artAnastasia Romlyanyna is depicted similar to the Monk-martyr Anastasia Uzozreshitelnitsa. Icons have a common tradition of creation. In a number of sources the name of her Romance is preserved. In the schema, mantle, or monastic vestments, Anastasia of Romany is sealed, the icon is revered by all believing Christians. The engraved saints of Tepchegorsky represent a maiden with a palm branch and a cross in her hands. In the Stroganov script, Anastasia holds a vessel.

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Interesting Facts

Since 1903 in the Transfiguration Cathedral in Zhytomyrkept the head of Anastasia. In 1935, during troubled times of persecution of believers, the church was defiled and closed, the relics disappeared mysteriously. In 1941 the temple was discovered by some miracle, and the saint's relics returned here. Anastasia Romlyanyna as if became the defender of believers. After the war, the cathedral was closed once more, and the relics were again lost.

Often Anastasia is confused with the holy maiden Anastasia the Patroness, and also with Anastasia of Rome. With this, and associated inaccuracies in the image of the Martyr on some icons.

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