/ Zoe - the meaning of a name. What does it mean, how does the name Zoya translate and where does it come from

Zoe - the meaning of the name. What does it mean, how does the name Zoya translate and where does it come from

In the world there is a huge number of differentnames. And each of them means something and somehow affects the fate of the person who carries it. So, Zoya's name: origin and meaning - that's what you want to talk about in this article.

the meaning of the name


First of all, I want to know whichthe origin has a given name. So, its roots are Greek. And in translation from this language it means "life". For many, the fact that the biblical name of Eve in Ancient Greek sounds exactly like Zoya will seem entertaining. It also has ancient Slavonic roots and is slightly transformed in the name of Zhiva.

Church Origins

It is worth mentioning that there is also aOld Church version of the name Zoe, which sounds like Zois. Also there are three church personalities that correspond to the given name. So, this is Zoya Pamphylia, who died in terrible agony, Zoya of Rome, who died a martyr's death, and Zoya of Bethlehem, who is a former harlot.

the meaning of the name of the child for the child


Having understood how Zoya's name stands,the meaning of a name is what you should also talk about. As for the character, it should be said that the girl with this name is growing obedient, a sweet child. She always dreams about something, and parents knowingly often call her a little rabbit, because she is already very similar to this animal. The child is mostly friends with the girls, rejecting the boys for their violent temper. She likes calmness, silence and motionless games. Little Zoya believes in fairy tales, often she composes them. However, it is very frustrating when he learns that, for example, Santa Claus does not exist. It is worth mentioning that this child is an excellent assistant to his parents, trying to facilitate their work, constantly and in all helping. As for studying, Zoya is easier to give humanitarian sciences. Since the baby loves flowers and animals, a good zoologist or botanist can come out of it in the future. In the rest, her knowledge is usually mediocre, but the girl aspires to be an excellent pupil, although mostly because of her perseverance is good. The meaning of Zoya's name for the child says that the girl will be pleased to attend interesting classes and courses (mostly manual labor - embroidery, knitting, macrame, beadwork).

name of origin and meaning

About the character

What else can Zoya say (the meaning of the name)? The nature of these girls is calm, they are not at all conflict. Because of her dreaminess to Zoya people stretch, she is often an excellent adviser, friend and psychologist. And if necessary, she can and does not hesitate to tell a happy story or something interesting, more often than not, her own and made up. Important is the fact that girls with this name subtly feel people and will never allow themselves to go bad people. Women with this name have a certain sixth sense, often predicting when a person is in danger or waiting for something good (so Zoya should try herself in extrasensory perception). As for difficult situations, women with this name tolerate them staunchly, never complaining about it to others. However, they never refuse help. It will also be important that Zoe are believers, although they can not go to church for a long time. Also, ladies with this name do not like rough life, travel and noisy companies. They are housewives, excellent housewives and wives, who will not spend their time at parties, preferring to practice their favorite business.

Negative traits

It is worth saying a few words about the negativecharacter traits of women with the name Zoe. So, these are very passive ladies, who not so rarely can just miss their lucky chance. Passivity is their worst enemy, because thanks to this line Zoe often lose not only good posts, but also beloved men. It is also worth mentioning that Zoi is very economical by nature, but often it goes all the way, and a woman can become a miser, accumulating wealth and sometimes losing everything in one minute. And lastly, ladies with the given name never forget grievances and do not forgive their offenders (who, by the way, often destiny in an amazing way punishes on merit).

Zoya meaning the name of the character

About love

What else can you say about a woman with that name,how is Zoe? The meaning of the name suggests that these are dreamy ladies who also relate to their personal lives. They will never be the first to approach a guy, they will not invite him even to a white dance, believing that the prince himself must take the initiative. Often the first love of the young Zoe ends in disappointment, so that a girl can seek solace in the embraces of the first men who have fallen, which will upset her parents (in the most difficult cases, Zoya can even go to a monastery, devoting herself to church affairs). However, at an older age, most often these are elective ladies who will not allow the first male to come to their place. In marriage, women with this name are excellent wives and mistresses. They practically do not conflict with their husbands, trying to smooth out all the brewing conflicts. With all this, Zoya is often unhappy in marriages, because they give far more than they receive. Women with this name have several children, love them, just love their grandchildren. Zoya is an economical woman, a hospitable hostess, a loving mother and a tender, caring wife.


So, Zoe. The meaning of the name says that for all its modesty and dreaminess, women with this name are passionate people who love sex. However, without love, it is simply impossible for them. Zoe can easily talk on intimate topics, often liberated in bed and enjoy various experiments. However, with all this they still need caress and tenderness more. As for the man, an excellent choice for Zoya will be an older man with a rich sexual experience.

female name zoya value


It is worth saying a few words about theZoe will be easy for men. So, excellent relations can develop with Ivan, Alexander, Victor, Boris, Semyon, Valery. But beware of the ladies with this name better than Yuri, Vitaly, Eugene, Albert, relations with which will be difficult and completely unsuccessful.


What else is interesting Zoya? The meaning of the name means that such ladies can easily become excellent teachers, teachers, educators, zoologists, doctors without problems. After all, they get along not only with people, but also with animals. Zoe also have golden hands and thanks to their hobbies can earn money. Of these, excellent seamstresses and embroiderers are obtained. And since these women have a sixth sense, they can try themselves in the spheres related to mysticism and extrasensory perception, like fortune tellers, prophetesses.

what does the name of Zoya mean?


What does the name Zoya mean? So, ladies with this name never aspire to occupy managerial positions. Yes, they do not get it too much. Zoe - excellent subordinates, who, however, want to work with a share of creativity, avoiding purely mechanical, monotonous work. In business, such women are rarely successful, because for them priority is not their own benefit, but self-development. Zoe is rarely rich, but never in poverty.


What else can the female name Zoya tell? Its meaning suggests that it is under the auspices of Taurus and Cancer, which leaves its imprint on the life of such a lady. Her planet is Venus, which is why these ladies are gentle, sexy and feminine. Success and even prosperity Zoe will bring lemon, cream and light green colors, and from all troubles will protect the talisman stones: emerald, lapis lazuli or marble.

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